Girls, what do u think of crossdressers?

So im an 18 yr old guy, who likes dressing up like a girl. I like wearing dresses, high heels, hosiery, bras, panties... etc. What do girls think of someone like me? Would u ever even consider dating a crossdresser or no? Im straight just very feminine


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  • I would.. I like boys who say fuck you to society's gender roles and are comfortable with their feminine side :D

    Ow I am pansexual.. maybe that's why ;)

    • :D. You are awesome. Yeah i like expressing my feminine side :)

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    • Lol thats awesome! I dress like a normal guy in public too, but im private i dress up like a girly girl

    • And suspenders are so sexy :). I love them


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  • i think its totally fine that you wear whatever you feel like wearing... i dated a guy who was actually transgender and would have no problem dating a guy who was a crossdresser... actually its kinda cool and feminine men can look very beautiful.

  • I don't think i would date you if I knew that but if I didn't in the beginning and then found out much later i guess it would depend on the situation. However am ok with it. If this is what makes you happy then i'm ok with it. but i'm wondering if you want to be a girl, wouldn't you want to date guys? Sorry if that question is rude, I don't mean to offend and if I did i apologize. I am just trying to understand. I think I could be friends at some level but I don't think I would be attracted to another girl like that. But I don't know. time changes things. you know?

    • I think im probably deep down a lesbian. I want to dress and act like a girl, but am only attracted to girls. Kinda weird i know, but its the only conclusion i can think of... and no u didn't offend me at all

  • I wouldn't date you. But I wouldn't mind being friends! No judgment! :)

  • I'm indiferent , i wouldn't date one because I'm not pansexual I'm bi and my preferences are very clear cut

    • Okay thats cool :). But u wouldn't judge me for it and say im stupid would u?

    • No i have gay friends that do drag so yeah i don't care

    • Oh okay thats good :). a lot of people judge me for it, and think im stupid, but im just expressing myself like anyone else

  • Idgaf. But no, I wouldn't date a crossdresser.

    • Ok thats fine, everyone has their preferences. As long as u wouldn't judge me for it

    • Cause a lot of people hate me :(

  • Would make a difference. I have known a few in my life. I went out with one for quite some time before he got the courage to tell me. If he hadn't told me I would have never thought he was a cross dresser.

  • I'm a guy who dresses up as a girl I get component from girls on my outfits and my makeup


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