What to do with leftover rainbow loom bands?

Yes, I am a guy who made rainbow loom bracelets._.
because it was extremely extremely popular and even all the popular guys at my school were wearing them so I decided to join in on the trend, along with my little sister.
Now that loom bracelets are no longer a trend I have a million bands left over. Even though they are just rubber bands they were expensive and I don't want to waste them or make more bracelets that I'm not even going to wear. Sooo.. now what? What are things I can make out of them? I need creative people's help cx


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  • Toss them on eBay or Craigslist? Or you could donate them to an after school program or an elementary school?

  • I know how you feel, I have a drawer just full of em. I guess keep it for times when you want to make them again I guess or try to research what other things you can make with loom bands

  • I don't know. Sell them for some cash.


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