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Guys, what do you really mean when you call a girl cute?

I seem to get called cute by guys...i don't really know how to take it. It's very nice though!

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  • Personally I don't use the word to describe anything other than babies or small furry animals, BUT...

    I'll wager that if a guy calls you cute, it means he thinks you're attractive But not so much in an elegant, princess-like way, or in a sultry, seductress kind of way. He means it in a fun, innocent kind of way. This is good. These are the types of girls guys look at for serious long term relationships.

What Guys Said 15

  • When I say cute to a girl I don't know its the equivalent of a girl saying a guys nice. To me its like your somewhat attractive but not my kind of attractive. I'm not saying their ugly, I'm just nicley saying their ok I guess,which is why cute sounds better.

  • it means that you are pretty, and not in just a superficial way, like hot can mean. While both of those can be complements, I would say that being called cute is generally more of a compliment because it (generally) goes beyond superficiality and appearances, and a lot of times, as one of the guys already mentioned, into the more relational aspects.

    Like someone said before, it's a great compliment :)

  • cute means hot in a non aggressive way :D

  • The way I see it cute means your relationship material, Hot (to me) means hookup material.

  • Anytime I tell a girl she is cute, I really do mean it. I prefer girls that are cute rather than hot. Girls that are hot, in my opinion, seem more like more trouble than cute girls. Of course I am not saying some cute girls, can't be.

  • they think your pretty

  • its a compliment, say thank you!

    • Thank you!

    • Lol funny

  • it means she's F***ING UGLY

  • i'm a fan of the this type of cute girl...that whole good girl image on the outside..but when its time to put it down they can be just as bad ;) . That's top notch cute. I think Jessica Alba has that whole thing working for her.

  • What do you want it to mean?

  • you are a cutie though hun can I get ya number?lol muah I'm andre from nyc :)

  • Every compliment on appearance means the same thing to me. I usually just say pretty though, so I guess they mean pretty.

  • It means they appreciate your beauty ;)

  • you are cute

    nice face nice smile probably easy going or funny personality:)

    it means your attractive and you can have a better choice of choosing a man for yourself

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  • Cute means to me (when a guy has said it to me) that he is saying in his way I have many young girlish features... (big eyes, small button nose does it) and being playful in a sweet innocent manner is all to do with it too, I think. There are guys that are into cute, others that are into hot... many into both.. but guys should be aware that even though we look cute and cuddly we do like it hot in the bedroom too... we're not china dolls! lol we like sex as much as the next hot gal that woddles in her mini skirt.. over 18's that is.

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