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If you look at a girl and she looks away quickly?

Lets say I look at a girl and she notices and our eyes lock for about 1 second then she looks away quickly. Does it mean there's no attraction or... Show More

Assume that the guy and a girl are complete strangers to each other.

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  • I do this all the time. When I think a guy is cute, and we make eye contact, I look away really quickly, and blush. And yes, its because I'm nervous, and a very shy person. This happened to me yesterday, actually. =)

    When I like a guy, this is usually a dead giveaway. Just curious, are you still in high school, because if not then this may not be the case.

What Girls Said 5

  • She probably looked away because she thought you were cute and was eyeing you, or she thought you noticed that she likes you. either way, she probably likes you :)

  • I would say that she's probably just shy. I know cause I can be shy and I do this sometimes. A sure way to tell is if you find her looking at you and she quickly turns away but then you find her looking at you again. You should be able to tell by the look on her face or if she is nervous that she begins to fidget or something.

    It also just depends on the woman though, because the bolder women aren't afraid to look into a guys eyes for a long time. And the shyer ones tend to look away.

  • hm I don't know I'm shy so like the guy doesn't even have to be cute for me to look away lol D: I like eye contact that are intense but at the same time its just my body reacts and turns away ._. but iits true if he's uglier I do look a little longer than normal and I give him the "Wtf-Are-You-Looking-At?" face then I turn away x)

    • Ok lol, I haven't gotten the "wtf are you looking at" reaction really. I kind of have dark "intense" eyes so maybe I make them nervous because they aren't use to such a piercing stare.

    • Well that's good (: but you should talk to her soon so she doesn't think your a creeper ;) hehhe ^^

  • I think she likes you! did she give you the, "look?"

    or did you give her the "look?'

What Guys Said 1

  • Or maybe she saw you creeping staring and thought wtf is wrong with this dude and looked away cos she doesn't wanna share a "look" with you and went back to her work...

    But yeah I suppose she could like you...

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