If you look at a girl and she looks away quickly?

Lets say I look at a girl and she notices and our eyes lock for about 1 second then she looks away quickly. Does it mean there's no attraction or does it mean she is intimidated by your looks and shy?

I've heard conflicting answers... Some say a girl will look longer if he is just an average looking dude, and look away quicker if he is really cute because it makes her nervous...

Help me understand women!

Assume that the guy and a girl are complete strangers to each other.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I do this all the time. When I think a guy is cute, and we make eye contact, I look away really quickly, and blush. And yes, its because I'm nervous, and a very shy person. This happened to me yesterday, actually. =)

    When I like a guy, this is usually a dead giveaway. Just curious, are you still in high school, because if not then this may not be the case.