She looks at me then looks away quickly?

So I was standing in line in my local supermarket. A girl who works there (she knows me) was busy a few meters away from me and I saw her and she turned her head to me the same moment but when we made eye contact she looked down quickly and kept doing what she was doing so I looked away as well.. and when I got outside I caught her looking at me again. She always looks at me, she did walk past me sometimes. Cause a few days ago I saw her coming my direction but she was thinking of walking another way or walking past me.. I could tell. She tries to avoid eye contact up close and seems nervous. But here's the problem...

We no longer talk to each other. months back she showed signs of interest and i'd say she's shy but she out of nowhere acted different and even ignored me and that BS. Well recently I probably got my answer why.. A. Her friends probably thought we don't fit together.. B her older sister. Probably both. Her sis especially. I had some trouble with her sis recently. And i'm sure her sis said bad things about me.. cause I heard she doesn't feel comfortable when i'm around but I seriously don't say or do anything to her. I pretty much ignored her while she still looked at me, walked past me and overall had her attention on me. It makes me sad cause I still like her.

It doesn't matter where I am or even if i'm with friends, she always looks at me. If she talks to someone she starts looking at me instead of the person she talks to. But if I talk to someone and she is almost next to us, I ignore her but she just looks at me. When she sees me having a phone call she looks like she wants to know who i'm talking to. And recently I was talking about a girl over phone and she heard it and didn't look happy.

Why would you look at a guy all the time if he doesn't do anything to get your attention or if you didn't want to see him. Cause I know for a fact that when I don't like someone I wouldn't look at that person at all.
She looks at me then looks away quickly?
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