Do girls react in any way when they see a cute guy?

I have seen this a lot and want to know if it means they think I'm cute or if it just is something that girls do. Whenever I am out in public and I lock eyes with a girl (not on purpose, just because I am looking around), they always start playing with their hair and look away. I notice this all the time. I could be walking past a girl and if I look at her when I walk by she will touch/mess with her hair. Does this mean anything or just something girls do all the time without realizing it?


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  • Hm. Usually I can lock eyes with someone, but if a cute guy looks at me I can't keep eye contact. I don't know why, I just can't. But I don't play with my hair or anything. =| Usually I'll lock eye contact, smile, and look away. =]

  • i think they are just flirting and wants you to talk to them


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