What does "cute" mean to a guy?

What does it mean when a guy says a girl is "cute"?

I have had a guy at a party say to me "you're pretty cute, you know that?!" and also had a guy friend tell me that his friend thought I was "cute."

what does that mean? and what about compared to "hot " or "Beautiful"? is cute more about personality than the other 2?


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  • Well I'd say it is more about personality. I just answered another question like this not too long ago actually. I use the word cute for girls who just make me want to squeeze them. Not in a threatening way but like a child would her favorite stuffed animal. Hot is all about sex appeal. Beautiful is mostly the way you look. Hot and Cute have a lot to do with personality because so much of what makes a girl cute and what makes a girl hot is in what she does as well as how she looks. Beauty is just visuals. Hope that helps ;)


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  • "Cute" can mean different things, but to me, it usually means attractive, but energetic and perky. "Hot" means more sultry or glamorous to me.

    But I don't think "cute" is better or worse than "hot" or "beautiful." After all, they're only different ways of saying you're good looking!

    • Thank you :) I knew it wasn't a bad thing of course... I did read somewhere though that if a guy says "pretty cute" then that's not as great..... also I shoulda mentioned that the guy who said "you're pretty cute, you know that?!" ended up making out with me that night, and we hooked up a few weeks later. heh

  • i think that cute is probably a bit more of a respectable way to compliment a girl for their glamor. rather than saying 'you're hot ' cause sometimes it can come across to some girls as 'your just another one of those pervert guys' or whatever if you call them hot. :)

  • sometimes guys will say that "cute" means less pretty than "hot."

    but 99% of the time, its something a guy will say because they think if they say hot, the girl will not respect them, or think that he means it in a perverted manner. in essence its a nicer way of saying hot without seeming like a jerk


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  • Yeah, cute is more of an endearment that includes like a sweet factor, and generally a longer term interest. Hot is often the looker that's got the goods, that the guy wants to bed and send home. Beautiful I think is generally reserved for the super beautiful people of the world or if a guy is falling in love, then beautiful comes out. I've always been the "cute" one, and I'm totally cool with that.

  • I think "you're pretty cute" is a great complement. Guys love cute girls. I have always been told that I am cute. "hot" is someone they want to have a one night stand with, in my opinion, and what some of my guy friends have told me. Cute is definitely a good thing.

    • Thanks :) yay!

    • I've never been called hot but I have been called cute and good looking. I would rather be cute than "hot" because I agree with you, hot is a one night stand kind of thing. Someone who will be a dried up prune in 20 years. A cute person is timeless :)