CUTE. What does it mean?

Recently, a young man in my class told me that he had noticed me the first week of class and that I was a cute girl.

What makes a girl cute? Why did he choose the word cute? Is it a higher compliment, or a safe compliment?

What does it mean to be cute?

Do guys want cute girls?


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  • Well, I can't speak for other guys because I don't use the word cute in that context. To me, cute is a word that should only be used to describe babies and small furry animals.

    I think that id a guy says you're cute, it means you're just naturally good looking in a way where it doesn't come across that you're trying hard. Like when a girl goes out dressed in totally casual clothes and no makeup (like making a quick run to the store or something) and she still looks good enough to make an impression on you, that's what I think cute is. But I could be way off.


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  • YES, guys want cute girls. As for me, that is what I look for. You could be the hottest girl around, but if you are standing next to your cute friend, I won't give you the time of day. In my point of view, "cute" is a much higher compliment, yes this might be the safe thing to say, but at the same time would you have rather heard a cheesy pick up line. Now I find it very hard to explain what cute means, so bear with me here but I'm going to try. First of all the one thing you need to remember is you must be good looking to be "cute". I have never told a girl that I didn't find attractive that she was cute. Second, completely despite your looks, your personalty must also be to par. If you are a complete bitch, your certainly not "cute". You asked "what does it mean to be cute", well so far to be cute mean that you are a good looking girl that has a good personality. If your real question here is does this guy like me.I think you already know that answer.YES.remember he also said he noticed you within the first week of only question now is how large is your class, it took him a week to notice you?

  • Ofcourse we want cute girls.

    It means he thinks your attractive, it's a compliment. It also means he's interested in you.

  • cute=attractive and nice.

    easy as that. and guys want those kinda girls :)

  • Cute means he thinks you're cute.

    That's it.

    Stop overthinking it.

  • It means your attractive, would you have rather him gone up to you and said hey your attractive or hey your cute? It's just like when you go up to your friends who are girls and they say hey you should meet this guy I know, and what do you say, is he CUTE. Well there you have it, you are attractive ok, ok good. Of course we want cute girls, how many guys do you know that go damn I wish I could find me an ugly girl to date? Exactly my point no guy says that.

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  • I'm pretty sure that cute means the same thing when guys say it as when girls say it. Cute is more innocent looking than hot and it also means you have more substance than just looks (smartness, funny etc.). Hot girls are more just looks and sometimes that can mean more makeup too.

    I've also been told from a guy that guys don't go for the hottest girl. They go for the girl who is hot enough.

  • Personally, I hate the word cute. That's something you would say to a friends new baby or puppy, not to an adult woman. I find it to be an insult, but that's just me.

    People say my truck is cute, and I always come back at them with "No, it's very rugged and manly", gets them every time. They usually stop and wonder where that comment came from, I find it amusing.

    Cute, as I said before, to me sounds more like a cute baby or a cute new pet, not a word used to describe how a woman looks. Pretty, beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, these words have a more mature and adult connotation to them, as opposed to cute.

    • I agree, that's why I was left feeling a little frustrated. Oh, he thinks I'm *just* cute. I'm also very petite (5") so that may have something to do with that... lol

    • If I was in your position of being 5" tall (I'm 5'6), I would find it to be very frustrating. I know some girls who are petit and while they get the comment "Oh she's so cute", it makes me want to retort "What is she? 4? She's 19/20/21/22 years old, and you make it sound like she's a child". Doesn't go over well, but to me, it's something you say about a child. If I think a guy is attractive, I'll say good looking or whatever, never cute. To me it's an insult. But again, that's just me.

  • oh for gods sake just listen to what the guys are telling you - cute is a compliment! Believe me a guy wants a girl who's cute, not hot, not sexy, not even beautiful - all these referents have different meanings to them! Hot is usually good for sex! Sexy means other idiotic things! And beautiful means no brain up there (well that's just stating the stupidity) but with guys it's very hard - for them I mean it's hard to come up to a beautiful girl and ask her out! For hot and sexy to guys is always she must be taken so let me go for the average looking girl! But that would only happen in a world of men who are not comfortable to coming up to a woman! Which is almost everywhere you go! But cute means she's sweet, interesting, smart, open-minded and takes to compliments in a good way! Actually being cute is a very good thing! I mean I knew beautiful girls who were hated on by others and loved by guys! But seriously in this world beauty is a curse because of what I just said!

  • Many guys want to date cute girl because they think she is real and down to earth person. Most guys only want to sleep with hot girl because she probably dating someone already. Cute to guy mean pretty face and nice personality and hot to mean pretty face, nice body and very flirtatious person. I think lot of guys whether date cute girls then hot girls. Many guys think I'm cute too.

  • Real guys want cute girls.

    Romantic guys want cute girls.

    Sweet guys want cute girls.

    It's a compliment don't worry.

    Ive been called cute before, I just hugged him and smiled. lol

    I'd rather be called bute then sexy any day. =]

    but since he was knew to you, he probly was just playing it safe and didn't want to scare you.

    =] =] =] =] = ] Good luck if you really like this guy or anything. =] =] =] =] =] =]

    • Cute* I should read what I write =P haha

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