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What does my ex making no eye contact mean?

So we go to the same college and agreed to be on good terms even though she dumped me for an immature reason before even asking me about it. So I was... Show More

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  • She still really cares about you... and for most girls if we look at you... you will see the pain and the care and the love in our eyes and we don't and can't let you see that... it is admitting to ourselves and to you that we were wrong and that we are sorry... and also look at an ex that you really truly loved and cared for hurts like hell, because after you break up it is like its off limits and something you can't touch... she still loves you and still cares about you... and she is afraid you will see that if she looks at you... its easier to pretend it doesn't exist if we don't look. The reason she probably hasn't told you not to talk to her anymore is because she really loves it when you do. That officially is the only time you are in her life anymore ya know what I mean... and she can't bear to let you go for good.

    • Did I get best answer because that's what you wanted to hear? lol

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    • Well then he should have bought her a slap in the face of reality in the real world and some maturity... : ) kidding...... time will only tell honey..... ride it out see what happens.

    • Thank you for all of your input. :)

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  • She's probably not making eye contact because she feels awkward (which isn't your fault). It sounds to me like she realizes that she made a mistake by breaking up with you and now feels bad about it. And instead of apologizing she just seems to be avoiding you because she's probably embarrassed. Or, it could be that her new boyfriend doesn't want her to have contact with you. Maybe you're making it too intense for her by wanting to pursue a friendship with her..she might still have some feelings for you, another reason why she could be avoiding you, becaues she doesn't want to feel tempted.

    • I told her to tell me if she doesn't want me to talk to her anymore if it makes her uncomfortable and she still hasn't said anything about it. Actually when I told her that she said she wasn't going to stop talking to me just because she has a new boyfriend. He probably doesn't want her to talk to me, he is in high school, so he might be intimidated by me I guess. Thanks for the help :).

    • You're welcome :D yeah it probably is her boyfriend that's getting in the way of your friendship because if he's in high school dating a college student then he probably has all sorts of insecurities & therefore tries to be controlling..

  • she might be ashamed of herself or simply feel guilty.

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  • lol ok ok from a guys point of view

    She is over you, she's out, she's done, and most importantly, she is uncomfortable around you...maybe not because of YOU per say but more of what she is reminded by (the awkward breakup...lad di da) A girl is willing to blame it all on you (I know that sounds immature) BUT it's simply how girls react, this way they don't have to think of negative thoughts about themselves, with all of the double standards that is put on them from society, ANYWHO tangent I know.

    Basically get over her, and start EYE CONTACTING OTHER GIRLS, not to make her jealous but to make YOU happy...YOU my friend, YOU are the important person here...not her.

    • I see what you are saying, good point.

    • This guy should have gotten the best. This sounds spot on

  • that would be guilt.

    possibly realizing that she messed up. And trying to figure emotions out about you.

    • Guilty because she is being immature about it when I am clearly being mature and nice about it? Or guilty because she still has feelings for me and her Boyfriend probably doesn't want her talking to me? And what kind of emotions could she be trying to figure out about me? Thanks in advance :).

    • All of the above. It could be feelings for you or immaturity.

      And she's probably trying to figure out where she stands with you on an emotional basis. Like wether she actually likes you more than as a friend etc etc.

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