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What type of bikini do you like best on girls?

Bandeau, strapless, halter, string tie?


Patterned, plain?

Anything else?

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  • On a darker skinned woman, solid color, white or bright yellow.

    On a lighter skinned woman, stripes in contrastng colors, or polka dots.

    In terms of design, I lke the Hawaiian look, strapless bandeau with removable skirt attachment..not sure what that is called. So exciting to see them take it off.

    Halter tops are fun because the women remove them to sunbathe.

    I like halter tops if they're well endowed, bandeaus are a little too relaxed!

What Guys Said 11

  • Definitely not strapless. It does not look very good, and it does not push your breasts up. Others are all acceptable.

  • Whatever shows the most skin

  • I hate the strapless bikinis and unfortunately theyre getting more and more popular!

  • It really doesn't matter what type of bikini she is wearing, but in my opinion they all look better when they're off :P

  • String tie, white color and plain. anything else? Yes, in the swimming pool, nipples will be highlighted in a plain white bikini.

  • String bikini is definitely best. (Strapless just squeezes too much and it just ends up looking weird. I feel the same way about wedding dresses.)

    Some sort of pattern also works great on it, but not like a stripe or dotted. More of like a print, like flowers or tie die would work. Shiny also works great. It accentuates features, making it easier to see curves and possibly some other stuff. Wink, wink.

  • Honestly I don't like bikinis - they are too provocative for me. It's much more attractive to me for a women to wear jeans and a funny t-shirt :). Bikinis don't look right to me.

    • funny t-shirts <3

    • well what is she supposed to wear when she goes swimming? Jeans and a funny t-shirt?

  • string tie, some girlie color, plain

  • I think the woman wearing the bikini is more important than which bikini the woman is wearing. If a woman is genuiniely attractive, she can make any swimsuit look good.

  • I don't really know the different types, but 'girly' colors look hot e.g. pink, white, sky blue

What Girls Said 6

  • String tie top with board shorts lol

  • i think that would depend on the girl. girls with small busts look best in bandeau usually. girls with big busts usually look better with more support so halter bikini tops with a thicker band on the bottom. patterns distract from flaws usually but sometimes make things look bigger or smaller so it really depends on the girl.

  • I like the boy shorts .. a dark blue one .. I don't care about the upper part so anything would work

  • Halter and boy shorts.

  • I like the strapless/bandeau, just cause then there's no strap tan lines and I like how they look. But if I wanna show boob, definetely go with the string tie. haha.

  • guys like whatever suits the girl's body type the best :) ex. small bust go with a bandeau. things like that.

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