Does being beautiful or handsome really matter?

It would seem that men are always attracted to beautiful women and women attracted to handsome men... What about the ones that aren't so beautiful or handsome? Do you think beautiful people can love or like people that aren't as beautiful or do you think its near impossible?.. I need some gals and guys to really answer this seriously...thanks_puzzled...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Beauty or handsomeness is always a positive quality.

    However. Beauty or handsomeness is completely subjective. Therefore regardless what the "most common opinion" *possibly* is, that barely ever applies to an actual individual. Thus, some might find you attractive, some might not. Some might think you're pretty, some might not. Some think you're beautiful, some don't.

    So being handsome does matter. But it's nothing to be wondering about, 'am I pretty'? Some think you are, some think you aren't. What matters is whether *that specific person* that you like, does HE think that you are attractive. That is what *truly* matters, really.