Girls please describe a very hot guy please be specific?

I am asking this question because I wanna know how hot I am I'm 6"5 skinny but with some muscle long shaggy brown hair blue/green eyes I'm also a prep that wears American Eagle a lot. So please tell me what a very hot guy looks like physically so I can compare my self. Don't be shy


Most Helpful Girl

  • My perfect guy would be around 5'9, I'm very short, and he would have a nice skin tone like a slight tan. I like when guys have dark brown hair that is not too long, just long enough to style it. But not too short either. I like eyes that are out of the ordinary, like yelowish green or bluish gray. He would be in shape and skinny. He would wear a mix of preppy, dirtbiker, and nice casual clothing.

    In comparison you are a bit too tall but that depends on preference. Your hair is brown(I like) but sounds a bit to long. You have out of the ordinary eyes thata a plus. You sound attractive.

    The only guy that would probably fit my description is a gay