Girls please describe a very hot guy please be specific?

I am asking this question because I wanna know how hot I am I'm 6"5 skinny but with some muscle long shaggy brown hair blue/green eyes I'm also a prep that wears American Eagle a lot. So please tell me what a very hot guy looks like physically so I can compare my self. Don't be shy


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  • My perfect guy would be around 5'9, I'm very short, and he would have a nice skin tone like a slight tan. I like when guys have dark brown hair that is not too long, just long enough to style it. But not too short either. I like eyes that are out of the ordinary, like yelowish green or bluish gray. He would be in shape and skinny. He would wear a mix of preppy, dirtbiker, and nice casual clothing.

    In comparison you are a bit too tall but that depends on preference. Your hair is brown(I like) but sounds a bit to long. You have out of the ordinary eyes thata a plus. You sound attractive.

    The only guy that would probably fit my description is a gay

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  • I usually go for guys that are more relaxed types, you sound like the type that I would call hot. My friends though are very much into the muscular body, and the defined face, like brad pitt, which I don't find so attractive.

  • Mmmm my husband :D 6'6" A little on the skinny side but can easily pack on some muscle. Light blonde hair with gorgeous hazel eyes and the most perfect smile! Oh and the uniform...just adds to it ;)

  • You're very close to my type...

    But there's one BIG difference; my type is faaaaar away from being a prep.

    He's tall (ad least 195 cm...and I'm 160cm... xD), very pale, has long black hair (preferably curly or wavy) and green eyes, he dresses shaggy, but still looks (and IS) very well put together. When it's summer he's shaggy, but in winter time he wears coats and beanie bag kinda gothic/metalhead sort of a guy. And doesn't just dress the part, he really lives for the music he listens to! :P

    But that's just me...I mean him... xD

    • Oh..yeah, I forgot...he has to have a specific kind of a nose...something like Adrien Brody[like it has been broken before so it left some sort of an imperfection..SO HOT], only a bit smaller (just a bit smaller). :) Full, beautiful lips, just yearning to be kissed. All in all a beautiful face (like Sebastian Bach when he was young) with that specific nose...


  • Well from your description you sound like you would be hot. ;) I like tall guys around 6 feet tall. I like not long but not short kind of hair. A good example would be Taylor Lautner's hair style. I like any color but blond, it just doesn't do it for me. Haha. Green or blue eyes are the best! I like muscled guys but not like freakishly muscled but you can tell its there. Another thing I like is a well shaped face. I love angles! I like what you said about not being shy. Confidence is key. ;)

  • WOW I am not trying to be flattering right now but you just described my perfect guy haha.

    seriously, I love tall guys ( I am pretty tall myself) and I love guys that know how to dress well, plus your eyes sound pretty. (not in a girly way, haha its a good thing) you should come live in seattle!

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  • lol dude as a man you gotta just be yourself...if your goal is to be something else for someone else, it's TOTALLY the wrong way to go. Be REAL, and natural to your own way of being. This may sound intimidating but it's try not to feel to overwhelmed. Do you really want some girl to only like you for your looks? Make her laugh, lead her. Don't sit there and just wear AE clothes...get off your butt and be proactive!

  • u gotta be more specific dude they want call you hot on that cause ur face is still a big part sorry 2 say