I'm a girl with a hairy lower back... what should I do about it?

It makes me really self-conscious. I'm one of those girls who has been cursed with light skin but almost black hair, so it shows a LOT. I have a really gross happy trail on my stomach, but I wax that off. but my back! it's really hard to reach back there and get the hair so I'd either have to:

1) shave it (probs not a good idea)

2) get someone else to wax it for me (idk who would, and I'm not going to pay hundreds of dollars for a salon)

3) go out on the beach hairy!

anyone else have a problem like this? :/

i also have a problem with my bikini line. it usually stays stubbly after I shave and that's a big problem too... :/


Most Helpful Girl

  • most girls have it, its natural

    dont shave! it will appear thicker

    waxing is good! ask your mom and the hair grows back lighter after you keep waxing...

    bleach ehhh its better than shaving...but still furry and noticeable

    i say waxing is the best!