Thin but with a wide waist?

I've googled it and apparently many women have this, and I was wondering who else has this body type:

I am short- 5'1 and pretty athletic. I am 135 pounds and work out most days of the week. My measurements are 36-29-36. I am definitely not fat or chubby. Not a perfect body but hey, I am active and toned.

Do any other girls have this body type?


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  • Its normal. I have the same thing. Wide hips/waist is a sign of fertility so its pretty common among women.

  • link those are the most common bodyshapes. The classic hourglass shape is fairly rare.

    With you measurements you sound like a rectangle or banana shape. Bust and Hip are equally wide, with fairly little waist definition

    I think I'm more of an Inverted triangle with bigger bust and shoulders than hip. My measurments are 35B 25 33

  • It's pretty common. I used to think I had a wide waist but I guess because I'm an hourglass it's not noticeable.

    Kate Upton has a pretty wide waist and girls always attack her for it but guys don't seem to be complaining.

    My friend is pretty darn thin at 5'6 and less than 110 lbs(she's naturally skinny) and has a wide waist. She's skinny, believe me lol but she has a wide waist

    • Yup, that's what I figured. I figured its not something girls know is super common, even though it is very common.

  • Hi, I'm 5'1" and 35.5-33.5-37 and 126lbs. Fit, solid, and exercise a lot and eat healthy. Body fat % is 19.5%, which is athletic. Yet the media and "scientific studies" tell me I'm obese or very overweight. People looking at me would say I look healthy, fit, slim.

    I never fit size guides because of the large waist issue. Size 26-27 in LOW rise pants (to overcome that true wide waist issue). I can't wear most skirts because they waist is too narrow, or if it fits in the waist then it's huge everywhere else.

    We just have to learn to be content with our bodies and accept that we can be normal and healthy despite what the media projects as the singular body type of what's acceptable. Hard to do, but I'm glad you posted because you're not alone!

  • You have pretty much described my body type to a tee! What sports do you play? (: