I am blond and my boyfriend likes brunettes?

I know I shouldn't worry about this , because he's still with me and seems he loves me. But still it makes me worried..

I am natural blond with blue eyes, and my boyfriend says I'm pretty but he also says that he prefers brunettes over blondes.

Also every time we go out and he sees a girl/woman with dark hair he looks and comments on how it looks beautiful.

I never saw him commenting blond girls.

Does this mean I'm not what he really wants?


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  • it's kinda slap for me to hear my guy is complimenting other girls even if I am there. If he really loves you he won't do that because he might hurt you...what if you do that to him what will he feel? My advice is you let him know that it makes you upset let's see what will be his reaction to that. But don't blame him..keep it cool.

    • thanks;) Yes I let him know , but he said " I am only human" and that he can't help it , every boy does it.. etc . What do you think about it?

    • You are so welcome =) hmmm if that's his reaction to you...that tells that he is insensitive to your feelings. It's normal to see the good side of others but it's abnormal to show that in front of you? realizing it's your fellow female he is resting his eyes on? And that will make you insecure and upset and jealous? I think he is not that into you.


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  • He comments on how pretty other girls look while you are out together? And you are putting up with this idiot...why? The only girl he should be complimenting in that way is you.


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  • Do what I did, I am both blond and brunette right now. Top layer brunette and under layer blonde...Just kidding don't change your hair. I have never been in that situation myself but I have watched friends go through it.

    A brunette could be a little fantasy of his but its a fantasy. He is with you, yes he is commenting which he shouldn't be doing if it makes you uncomfortable tell him. Or if you want to even the playing field comment on the hair color of a guy that he doesn't have. Maybe a hint would be taken, but I still think you should talk to him about it.

  • I agree with DeepBlue, he seems like a jerk and I think you can do way better. Your boyfriend should only be complimenting you, not all these other girls, especially while he is with you.

  • Well a guy like that isn't really worth being with,that's terrible that he makes comments to you!But if you really want to be with him,wait to he says it again and talk back and say oh okay and you're telling your girlfriend this because..?And say is that meant to make me feel good,because it doesn't.I think you have every right to get angry at him,he is being unfair and at the end of the daytime is just hair and it is just a different color,it doesn't make you who you are.Tell him how you feel, what he is doing is inappropriate .If he really didn't see anything in you and didn't like blondes then he wouldn't be with you,if he can't see what other guys might see in you and continues with his comments,then he is a jerk,not worth being with.

    • thank you;) I am going to tell him this.