What does it mean when a guy tells you you're beautiful?

When a guy tells you this randomly at totally unexpected times not in conversation at all. Like I know sometimes guy friends will compliment you if you actually really look amazing or if you ask do I look okay? but what if it's random?

And when a guy say this does he actually mean it or is he just trying to flatter you by saying really nice things.

and also if calls you cute and hot?

wow.. and sorry one more question...when a guy does call you beautiful or cute or hot, what are they expecting from it? What do they want the girl to say? I don't know because I usually just say thanks


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  • Oh my gosh, same thing happen to me last year. We were talking over text, and we haven't seen each other in forevor(half a year) and he said he wanted to tell me something, but wouldn't telk me till the next day! I thought he was going to ask me out(thats what I wanted), the when he totally he 3rote back exactly this" lol. no, your just pretty" I was kinda confused why he wanted to wait sooo long. so I just said" aw, that's sweet, thanks.lol" then he wanted to hang out when I got home, but we never did.

    • I noee!!!! I don't know because I get it if a guy calls you like hot or like cute that doesn't mean he likes you but I knda thought that beautiful was like a more meaningful word but I guess it's not??? lol

    • Who knows!! I am still haunted by his words, and I don't even like him anymore(but still friends.lol.) of coarse I've had I guy asking me for money say " Hey, beautiful girl! Do you have 20 cents" that was odd too. I guess it depends of how they see you as. maybe the guy is interested, or he thinks you are pretty but not interested. guys think that. I had a guy in my drama class discuss this in drama on stage. he said all girls are pretty in their own way, and blah blah, relized it cause a drug.:)

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  • If a guy tells you that you're good looking...he probably thinks you're good looking.


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  • I'd say thanks...or if you're feeling flirty yourself you can compliment him back...but only if you MEAN it!

  • I think he thinks you're attractive. I don't think it means that he wants to go out with you or anything, but unless he's just joking I think you should thank him and take it as a compliment. It's a good thing. I know what you mean by it being random. I actually have had this happen to me. I took it as an isolated compliment and it really made me feel better about myself. I know girls will compliment guys on things and not necessarily mean they like them, so maybe guys can do the same.