What does it mean when a guy tells you you're beautiful?

When a guy tells you this randomly at totally unexpected times not in conversation at all. Like I know sometimes guy friends will compliment you if you actually really look amazing or if you ask do I look okay? but what if it's random? And when a guy say this does he actually mean it or is he just... Show More

wow.. and sorry one more question...when a guy does call you beautiful or cute or hot, what are they expecting from it? What do they want the girl to say? I don't know because I usually just say thanks

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  • Oh my gosh, same thing happen to me last year. We were talking over text, and we haven't seen each other in forevor(half a year) and he said he wanted to tell me something, but wouldn't telk me till the next day! I thought he was going to ask me out(thats what I wanted), the when he totally he 3rote back exactly this" lol. no, your just pretty" I was kinda confused why he wanted to wait sooo long. so I just said" aw, that's sweet, thanks.lol" then he wanted to hang out when I got home, but we never did.

    • I noee!!!! I don't know because I get it if a guy calls you like hot or like cute that doesn't mean he likes you but I knda thought that beautiful was like a more meaningful word but I guess it's not??? lol

    • Who knows!! I am still haunted by his words, and I don't even like him anymore(but still friends.lol.) of coarse I've had I guy asking me for money say " Hey, beautiful girl! Do you have 20 cents" that was odd too. I guess it depends of how they see you as. maybe the guy is interested, or he thinks you are pretty but not interested. guys think that. I had a guy in my drama class discuss this in drama on stage. he said all girls are pretty in their own way, and blah blah, relized it cause a drug.:)