Frizzy hair only in one spot?

ok so a couple months ago my hair dresser gave me some of the thickest bangs on the planet. Anyways they are growing out slowly, but for some reason they are very frizzy. Just the bangs, the rest of my hair is fine. I have naturally wavy blond hair and have no idea what to do because my hair has never gotten frizzy before. If you know either a reason for this or a way to get the frizz to go away please let me know, it would be extremely helpful.

this also happened overnight. About three weeks after I got it cut. I woke up and took a shower. and when I dried my hair it was like that. and has stayed like that. I don't think it was from heat because it wouldn't have happened so suddenly.


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  • What possibly might be happening is in that particular spot the hair is dryer than the hair around it, this is causing the hair to become frizzy. Other reasons might include that particular patch of hair absorbing moisture from humidity in the air and or evaporating in hotter, dryer environments caused by nature or using a blow dryer. A way to help fix frizzy hair is to get more moisture into that section of the hair. I've seen more than a few shampoo/conditioning products that are designed to help keep moisture in the hair. Another perhaps easier way to fix this issue might be to simply use water on the area.

    After doing a bit of reading on this subject it's recommended that you avoid brushing after the hair dries. Part of the reason why hair turns frizzy is due to the outer layer of the hair called the cuticle, which is shaped like a shingled roof, is puffed out because the "shingles" have been raised by the brush. Weather or not this will affect your hair is uncertain since everyone's hair is different, it could be possible your hair will not do the same thing when using a comb VS a brush. Unfortunately to know for certain if there is a difference you'll have to do a bit of experimenting.

    I'm no professional stylist, hell my hair has a mind of it's own sometimes, I swear. So take this with a grain of salt, I hope this helps a little. :)


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  • Have you tried washing that place more?


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  • Ya when wavy or curly is short hair it looks frizzy but when it gets longer it won't be as frizzy

  • Maybe from sstraightening your hair too much

  • Use an anti frizz serum