What do guys think about highlights?

So do guys like it when a girl decides to get highlights in her hair?

I personally would like to get highlights... I have light brown hair, and I'd love to get highlights that are like one shade lighter than my natural hair color. I think it would look nice and very cool :)

But sometimes I see people walking around with highlights, and sometimes it looks good, and sometimes not... like sometimes it gives the impression the hair is kinda dirty looking, but its not, its just the highlights. Maybe that's just me that thinks that lol. Does someone have any tips or tricks how I could get nice highlights? I would like to do it myself, because I don't want to spend like a lot of money to go to the salon just for highlights...


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  • highlights are very easy to mess up and the do it yourself ones are cap highlights. if you don't have the money to get them done, don't do them. you will just mess up your hair. if you get them done they can look very nice but don't do it on your own

    • Ow really :( yeah I found this video on YouTube this girl used revlon frost and glow I think ? And her hair looks AMAZING! But she said it was really hard to do so... I guess I probably need to go to the salon then.

    • yes I wouldn't recommend I tried to lighten my hair myself one time and it came out awful. and with the cap you won't be able to touch up your roots very easily

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  • Well, I would assume that if someone's hair looks dirty from them it just means to much highlight so that the natural hair color looks like a dirty hair color. Just don't put too much into your hair and you'll be fine. Subtlety is what looks good.


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  • Don't choose your hair based on what guys think, do it for you and if they don't like it then tough. It's your head and you have to look in the mirror everyday. If you do choose to get it done, go to a proper salon, the extra price is worth it, if you go to a cheap place it will look that way. Also consider how much lighter you want the highlights, the lighter the color the more you have to go back to maintain it.