Was this girl at church trying to draw attention to her butt?

This filipina got there late and randomly sat next to me, but she kept whispering comments to me. If someone in the congregation did something funny she'd look at me and smile, a bunch of times. She kept looking at me and smiling. But she faced away from me and crossed her legs and bent over and started messing with her shoes, and looking over her shoulder at me. Was she trying get me to look at her butt? I didn't want to stare, because there were a lot of old people and families around, but I could see her bending over and looking at me, in my peripheral vision.

But with her doing all that, she left early so I couldn't even talk to her, so what was the point of all that, if we couldn't even talk?


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  • She obviously hasn't read my question on modesty! ;D

    Nah she was flirting with you, definitely. Maybe she was just teasing you & trying to turn you on at church (I used to do that to my girlfriend hehe) or maybe the prospect of you talking to her and it all becoming Real spooked her and she got nervous, so she left. Either way, go talk to her next time you see her at church! Be flirty. Smile a lot, make eye contact. Drink it up like communion wine!

    (btw can you not call her a 'filipina'? I mean, 'girl' would suffice, but at least 'filipina girl'. Always retain in mind why it's okay to say 'person of color' and not 'colored person')

    • they call each other Filipino and Filipina, just like it's currently "politically correct" to say Latino and Latina.

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    • Saying Filipina is probably better than saying Asian

    • I know. I just mean 'filipina' as a proper noun. I know people from the African Diaspora are hurt, usually, when they are referred to as 'blacks', rather than 'black people', or something like that. But, I know it's not the same universally. I know 'arab' as a proper noun is okay.


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  • Hmmm I guess sometimes people just flirt for the sake of flirting, without actually wanting anything *more* than flirting. That could explain why she just left. I've kinda maybe done this before but definitely not in a church or bending over :P My guess is that she was just bored out of her mind (perhaps the sermon of choice didn't interest her) and decided that she's there, better make the most out of it and resorted to flirting with a strange (aka you). As for whether she was trying to draw attention to her booty? Meh could be but I think she just wanted to flirt. Not necessarily wanting to show off her ass to you. She probably thought she looked real cute.

  • Well she was clearly being flirtatious but I have no idea why she'd leave or why she'd even start... at church... to just leave lol.

    Maybe because you didn't openly acknowledge her advances, she assumed you weren't interested hahaha.

  • Hmmmmmm yep she was doing it on purpose lol she thinks you're cute and wants your attention. If see her again try to talk to her.


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  • CHurch is no place to be fiddling with bums! And you're even still atlking about it! Have you no decency!

  • Your giving in on the first cardinal sin, which is 'Lust" and in church as well, shame on you!

    Just kidding.

    She was flirting and fishing with her charms and I guess you can say she caught you by the balls.

    • Heh, I don't know her and haven't been fantasizing about her or anything. She was kinda cute though, about it. I just thought it was funny she was doing that in church.

  • Good God man... how many signals does a woman have to send for you to understand?

  • she was trying to twerk in church. it's the latest thing.