How do you flirt? Are you wondering if your crush is flirting or just being friendly? Make sure your flirting techniques work.


Why Couldn't I Approach That Girl? Well, a Few Tips For You, Guys

I'm writing this as I have seen too many questions from shy guys recently. I thought maybe I could help them out as a guy who was shy before. The backstory When I was 15, a girl came up to talk to me in a party, out of...


The #1 Skill That Separates The Hottest Girls From The Rest Of The Pack

Seriously. I'm not exaggerating when I say there's one trait above all that makes girls insanely hot. No, it's not about looks. And it's not about how great she is in bed. Or her job or career. A girl who is this one...


5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

This is a small MyTake of things I have personally experienced that make women more attracted to you. Granted, this assumes the particular woman or women have a little crush on you in the first place, but whatevs. (1.)...


5 Reasons Why Creepy Guys Exist

Have you ever met a guy who just wouldn't leave you alone, even after you plainly showed you weren't interested? Have you ever had someone keep calling or texting you when you never responded? What about the guy who knows...


Things Women Do That are Automatic Deal-Breakers For Me

Relax misandrists, this is just a list of things that turn me off. I'll write a take on things that turn me on later. We all have things that turn us off and could possibly be deal breakers. Being rude. If she claims to...


What I Learned From Pretending To Be A Ditz For A Week

I recently took it upon myself to become a ditz. Not literally, but in an acting sense. For one week I spoke to guys on Facebook, in public, and other social media platforms with the intention of coming across as a...


Oh Boy: Crushes I've Had, and Why They Didn't Develop Into Love

My last take touched basis on my love life, which is nonexistent. I'm 18, which is very young, so no, you don't need to point that out. I realize I have forever, and never in that take did I say I was even looking for...


7 Common Lies Women Tell (And Men Are Onto You!)

1. "You're the best I've ever had" No you're not. She's been with plenty of guys that were much better. It's custom for her to pretend that you're the best and for you to pretend that you don't know better. 2. "I'm fine"...


The 3 Most Basic Elements that Make Females Attractive 💁

These are the key points I noticed about females that make them attractive when meeting them. 1. Your Body Whether you think it's shallow or not it's a fact. Your body plays a major role in attraction to people. All the...


10 Reasons Why It's Okay To Steal Someone's Partner (Satire)

1. "Sharing is caring." Just follow any proverb and apply it for every situation! That's so smart! 2. It will magically bring up your self esteem! 3. It's a good way to get back at a rival or enemy. Smart move! 4. It...


Is It Really Necessary to Compliment Girls?

I was having a conversation with my friend who is a girl and I can't remember how we got onto the subject, but we ended up talking about why I rarely compliment girls, regardless of whether or not I'm interested in them...


The 10 Rules For Hitting On Strange Women

Actually this is a personal MyTake. I'm just posting this here in order to not forget those Rules, can follow them if you want it. (In alphabetical order) 1) Don't follow a girl for a long distance Five minutes...


Why I'm Terrified to Flirt With Women

Some of you might have seen my previous question: I was surprised to see that a lot of guys felt the same as me when...


5 Tips for Approaching Your Crush

Okay n00bs, I shall do my best in explaining all the wisdom I have learned from all the guys I approached. Yes, I'm a pc/video gamer but not only do I have mad skillz in gaming (unless it's certain ones :P). I have mad...


Dear Stranger: An Open Letter to Women Who are Cold Approached

Hi. We never met. But I couldn't help but notice you. Perhaps it was your pretty face, maybe the strange, but cool looking piece you're wearing. Maybe I just thought your butt looked nice. Whatever the reason I want to...


Approaching Women: How Not to Get Kicked In the Face, and Other Interesting Facts

This MyTake is about how you might approach women in bars, yeah I'm not sure what the title is about either, but I've already typed it, so moving on.... Step 1: Realize women's mindsets Honestly, they want to get laid...


Confidence: The Art of Just Not Giving a Crap

There has been a lot of whining by some fellas on GaG recently. Why do girls reject me because of my height, weight, rainbow painted headgear? Why are girls labeling me a creep for hitting on them, and not the 6'3...


How it Feels To Be a Girl at a Bar (From a Guy's Perspective)

I can't say I'm immune to the unrelenting desire to approach a hot girl in a bar when I've had too many, with the simple: "Hey, there," thinking this will magically make her fall into bed with me. On a side note, I think...


12 Christian Pick-Up Lines

You've accepted Jesus into your heart but is there still room for me? Hey girl, I've got the gift of phophecy, and I see you in my future. Girl, you're altogether lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me....


How to "Cold Approach" Women: Scary But Totally Doable

Ahhhh yes, the cold approach, the dating world equivalent to cold calling in sales. Much like cold calling cold approaching should only be used in very specific situations, detailed below in the "how to approach women...


6 Reasons Why Muscular Guys Make My Skin Tingle

Ok, this isn't meant to offend anyone. Of course there are women with their own preferences towards skinny or overweight men due to some of their own reasons or experiences, but this is about some of reasons why we love...


There is no such thing as "PLAYING HARD TO GET"

It all comes down to how much she likes you. And the more she likes you the less crap she will put you through and the more crap she will take from you. A women that really likes you will be very cooperative. No games,...


Crushes, and How They Make You Feel Batshit Crazy

Feeling attraction towards someone can be fun. You have something to look forward to when you know you're going to see them or be around them. You have something that is aesthetically pleasing for you to look at, and it...


When You Keep Catching Someone Looking at You: What Does This Mean?

It's Not Always That They Like I see so many questions on here, people asking "does he/she like me? I saw them look at me, they smiled and then when I looked back I saw that they looked at me again, WHAT DOES IT MEAN??"...


Girls vs. Guys and Flirting Made Simpler (But Never Simple Enough)

In the past few weeks I have been trying to understand all aspects of females. In my scrounging for information I have noticed that Girls tend to try and be subtle to show attraction while guys are usually outright. Our...


A story of failure, and a lesson for other guys.

This is what happened to me yesterday. Well it was a failure, but it would be nice to share it, as a lesson to other guys who want to hit on other girls in order to NOT follow my patterns. I shall also mention, this is...


How to the getting very many the sexy womans: Very nice tips from your a friend a Borat

Yes hey lo the everyones of this place, Girls Asking the Guys I the Borat and today, I willing teaching to you the get the vagin of the womans very many, below you take it in brain, tips to getting the beautiful holes of...


How To Be Noticed

Often I hear people complain about how their teachers or crushes don't pay any attention to them. This is absolutely ridiculous. No one owes you their attention, you cannot expect people to serve you anything more that...


Top Reasons Guys Use To Chicken Out Of Hitting On Girls

I'M HAVING A GOOD TIME WITH MY FRIENDS You'd love to be able to talk to girls as much for the rush of meeting someone new as from the actual pleasure of sex. But the problem is you're not unhappy with your life right now....


How To (Not) Approach Women For Absolute Morons

I have been meaning to put my thoughts on paper (figuratively speaking) for quite some time. The reason for that is GaG is full to bursting with "good guys" being "friendzoned". No this is not yet another myTake for those...


Answering The Question To "Is He/She Interested In Me" Or Does He/She Like Me?

Hello fellow GAGers, name is Julian and I am fairly new to this myTake. Little bit of disclaimer: I am expressing my opinion about a topic I feel that needs addressing and I am not good with sugar coating anything. If you...


Sharing your true feelings with someone you like, is it a good or bad thing to do?

Feelings have you like - bleh? - me too. I have recently just spent six months speaking to a guy that I met through a sport. He had an immediate affect on me when he first arrived, and I liked him instantly. Long story...


Charm Is Dead, Lets Revive

I’m writing this while high, so get high also and enjoy. What the fuck happened to all the charm? It wasn’t always this way, at one point charm was the norm. Today only a few men possess this very important trait, Russel...


The Most Attractive Quality In A Person

People who know who they are and what they want radiate confidence and cannot be denied respect. Even if their desires are not respectable, such as someone who craves solely for sex and money, one cannot help but admire...


IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT: Many Girls Are Socially Awkward

Gentlemen, I've seen a lot of girls beating you up on here about being the nice guy and how that's boring and how you can't bore a girl into a relationship and you can't treat her like a girlfriend when you just met if...


Attraction secrets that could change your dating life!

I'm writing this while high, so get high also! I'm only kidding, if that upset you this post isn't for you, if your not willing to bet on yourself and push yourslef, this post isn't for you. Now I love all you guys who...


He Will Be Yours: Top 15 Flirting Moves That Drive Men Crazy

Is there a drop-dead gorgeous guy you can’t stop thinking about... who doesn’t know you exist? Well, at times, it'll take more than just a pair of killer shoes, red lippy and sexy clothes to get his attention. What you...


The Vanilla Approach--Non-Rockstar Approach for Rockstar Success With Girls

Yes, we always see the confident guys in a blazer and perfect teeth swoop in and get the gar with his cheesy charm. Or you see the oddly cocky fat guy who just has a ball wherever he goes and girls love him for it. But...


How to approach guys and not petrify them

He is more afraid of you than you are of him. xD Don't be too agressive, too confusing or too blunt. 1. Do not just turn up out of the blue! Give him a heads up [no pun intended]. Start with eye contact. Make sure he...


Why are women looked down so much for talking to a guy first?

Nothing pisses me off more than when someone tells me to, "let him go to you, don't do anything... if he likes you, he'll go to you." For me it's like saying, "guys like girls who put ZERO effort in talking to them, it's...