Boyfriend says he only has eyes for me?

My boyfriend of 2 years and I were having a conversation last night about the hotness of Natalie portman. I think she's gorgeous. I often will point out women I find attractive. I'm pretty open that way. And confident in myself.

He swears up and down he doesn't even notice other girls. He says he is so enamored and fixated on me other girls are just people and his mind doesn't even think that way anymore. Its kind of weird to me and I told him I am completely comfortable with my own beauty and that of other woman. He doesn't have to police what he says to me. It was kinda irking me and I pointed out a few beautiful women in a magazine I had and he said no to everyone. I kinda wish he had a female celebrity crush or something. Its kinda a turn on. Yet he insists he doesn't think that way. He won't even watch p*rn. I suggested watching it together a few months back and he said it would cheapen our love. What the heck?

I am so confused. And as sweet as his words sound...I don't believe him. Any guys at all out there ever been in a relationship where you were so in love or fixated on your girl that you didn't even notice other hot girls? Or ever want to look at p*rn?
Boyfriend says he only has eyes for me?
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