My boyfriend says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me but checks out every women he sees?

Every women my boyfriend sees he checks out, does a double take, stairs at her. The sad thing is he continues to do this when i'm with him, it makes me feel so disrespected and like i'm not good enough. Especially when he walks in front of me or by my side and puts his arm around me or kisses me on the cheek when they've passed. He tells me about how women flirt with him at work and then expects me to be in a mood and have sex with him 10 minutes later.

I told him i don't feel like i'm good enough for him and he said that's on you, i'm here to tell you, you are. He said i'm a guy that sees inner beauty that's who you are, outer beauty is also important. He said that can be changed, you can improve your appearance. he's openly admitted he wishes my boobs and ass we're bigger.

One night when we went out and i had dressed up wore a push up bra and heels, a lot of guys were looking at me and i didn't show pda unless he initiated it. when we got home he was very mad and said its not acceptable, he's never had a partner not displace affection towards him in public.

A little background on my partner. he's been in 3 relationships before me, and has lost count of the women he's slept with. he dated a girl when he was 15, after they broke up he slept with a different girl each night. eventually he had another girlfriend at 17, when they broke up the same story, he would try to sleep with as many girls as possible. He then found another girl at when he was 18-19 they we're together for a year. after he broke up with her apparently he matured and realised its time to settle down, he only slept with two girls before he met me. we've been together for about 7 months and we live together.

Am i over reacting, I don't feel like he has eyes for only me, should I leave, Does he mean what he says about spending the rest of his life with me and starting a family? Am i even good enough?
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we fuck every morning and when he gets home first thing he wants to do is sleep with me, i understand and respect he has a very high testosterone level, but i just feel he sees someone hot at work then just wants to fuck when he get home.
My boyfriend says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me but checks out every women he sees?
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