How to tell him you like him?

How do you finally tell your boy crush you like him? Yeah, I have been wanting to tell this guy that I like him. I just don't know how, can someone help?


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  • Okay..So you like this guy and your sure about him. So how is his attitude? You know is he a funny guy a lovey dovey type? The attitude matters a lot because it makes it easier to ask a guy out. For example if he's the type that you could trust and won't say anything to anybody about you and him then go ahead and make a move. But if he isn't then give him signs.Or tell him but make him promise that he won't tell anybody else...thats if the answer is no. But I would say that when you ask him out then do it when your in a private place,and when no one is around because some guys get freaked. So I hope that my advise helps. Good luck!


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  • well you need guts and you just have to bring it up probably in private. men have the same issues and I opt that society be more blunt and we all say what's on our mind rather than ring dancing around subjects. You:"hi what's going on today" /him: "not much you" /you:" have I ever mentioned I have a huge crush on you"/Him:"wow, thank god, I feel the same way" /him: "want to have lunch tommorow?" /you: "sure I'd like that

    but you know I'm just guessing at all this really though take a chance. worst comes to worse there will be an awkward pause and then he'll feel flattered and you guys can move on.

  • Go up to him and say "I like you" ... easy.

  • i don't agree with what what the experts say, don't change yourself at all, if he likes you, then that's why he's talking to you, if you like him tell him, its better than guys misreading your physical signs... if you change your look (clothes) then he may think well wheres the girl I met and originally liked, save the nicer clothes for the more important dates, I mean like with the girl I'm interested in, she's a very casual dresser, if she started doing it up, every time I saw her, id be like umm, I liked you for for you, ya know?

  • Just go on and tell him and if he acts mean then he's either shy or dislikes you or he's a jerk lol


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  • I was in the same situation last year and neeeeeded to get it out of my chest. The guy i liked/like was shy so i knew that i had to be less intimidating so i did it over fb. I litterly just said "hey i wanted to tell you something for a long timeyoure blahblahblah.." . He seemed awfully shocked as if someone would say that to him. Then he really thanked me.. like a lot of times , and was really nice (dont ask were canadians) but then said he had a gf. I was okay with that tbh. I wasn't really sad because my main purpose waa to get it out of my chest, and i did. Unfortuntly, i still very much like him, and he no longer has a gf. So... I don't know whats to happen. My point is, just make sure their attitude is available for that, just like Experience-Babe said. It matters because you dont wanna tell an asshole who doesn't deserve to know you like hi. Good luck :)

  • I know how you feel I am in the same boat but just going to him while he is alone or asking to talk to him really quick pulling him away from his friends works too!

    Just tell him!

    Be like do you want to chill sometime and blahhh blahh his answer or if you feel like you have the guts just come out and tell him hey dude I like you!

  • Put a note in his locker if your really afraid. And act natural when he come to ask you if it is true. But say maybe when he asks:) good luck:D

  • Truth is you need to tell him somehow comeover the insecurity of letting it all out and tell him.

  • Just talk, flirt, and then eventually ask, if he wants to see a movie, like "hey, I was wondering if`you'd wanna see a movie with me sometime?"

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