How to tell him you like him?

How do you finally tell your boy crush you like him? Yeah, I have been wanting to tell this guy that I like him. I just don't know how, can someone help?


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  • Okay..So you like this guy and your sure about him. So how is his attitude? You know is he a funny guy a lovey dovey type? The attitude matters a lot because it makes it easier to ask a guy out. For example if he's the type that you could trust and won't say anything to anybody about you and him then go ahead and make a move. But if he isn't then give him signs.Or tell him but make him promise that he won't tell anybody else...thats if the answer is no. But I would say that when you ask him out then do it when your in a private place,and when no one is around because some guys get freaked. So I hope that my advise helps. Good luck!


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