I told a friend my boyfriend's secret?


My boyfriend and I have been friends for 5 years, and we've been dating for 9 months now.

The other day (months ago), he told me something about his father, that some girl he knows, told him that his father wants to date her ! I told him that maybe he shouldn't believe this girl and that it's not really his business anyway, it's his father's life and that he shouldn't even be thinking about it.

He told me that he believes the girl because this is not the first time, years ago something (he just said "something", he didn't say "affair") came out and almost destroyed his parents marriage.

Apparently I was talking to my friends (2 girls), and told them that everybody has cheated at least once, even my boyfriend's father had once cheated on his mother(I didn't tell the recent story about the father wanting to go out with some young girl). I guess I thought that wasn't really a secret, especially given like that with no details, and that this is not something my friends will go repeating.

This happened months ago, and now I am not really friend anymore with these girls, we have just graduated from college!

I don't know how or why I remembered all this, I called one of these girls, and asked her if someday I had told her something about my boyfriend's father (I thought even if I did, she wouldn't remember, this was at least 7 months ago), she told me yes you did tell me that he once had an affair !

I panicked, and asked her if I had told her some story or just that he cheated, she said that we were talking about parents and I said it that just like that with no details! I feel horrible,I am not that girl who repeats other people's secrets, especially my boyfriend's!

I got really scared that someday this girl will decide to make my boyfriend hate me by telling him that I told her that, he doesn't even like this girl, (he knows that she's evil because she has a history with another gir, they used to be best friends and then fought over a guy ,...), so maybe he shouldn't even be listening to her.

My boyfriend and I have big plans for the future, I don't want something like that to ruin my relationship with him.

I called him, and told him that someday, I was telling my friends about my father's affairs, and they told me maybe you should ask your boyfriend for advice because his the one with a young good looking father, so he would understand, and that we laughed about it,... And then now, I was talking to one of my friends about it and she told me why didn't you ask your boyfriend since his father cheated too. I told him that I was surprised because I never really said "cheated" ! he was kind of mad, but didn't really say anything about it, like it wasn't that big of a deal!

Did I prevent the eventual drama? this friend of mine will probably never tell that, and even if she does, I would say that this is what I talked about, this girl makes things look awful to destroy my relationship,...will he believe me?
I told a friend my boyfriend's secret?
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