My coworker told me that I have a secret admirer?

Yesterday I walked by her ( she’s an older woman) and stopped me to ask me something. She asked if I have a boyfriend and I said why? And she goes ‘ because there’s someone waiting for the green light for you’ and I was confused, they smiled and explained. ‘ there’s someone who likes you. I kept telling her who but she wouldn’t say. Today, I went past her desk and she goes ‘ Are you writing a love note for that special person?’ Because I was writing on a sticky note that she gave me. And I said no and then she proceeded to say that someone likes me and her friend also said it too. I asked them who, and one of them said it was someone who works downstairs. The only single guy who works downstairs is the guy I’m interested in. Anyways, they wouldn’t tell me his name. They kept dodging the question.

Are they just messing with me? But it happened twice

Do they not know but have an idea who.

Or they are keeping it a secret because he wanted them to

Any thoughts? Also my work place allows work relationship

My coworker told me that I have a secret admirer?
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