My boyfriend has secret emails

I have been getting a weird feeling lately, my boyfriend has been sort of distant and we wouldn't do stuff with me unless I iniate it. I have been hurt very bad in the past so I need to know if I'm freaking out over nothing or if I have something to worry about. I saw his CC statement and there was a weird charge I called because I have a weird feeling and the company told me its for a adult site and they told me the email, which I have never heard of in my life, I only thought he had his work and personal email, so now I know he has a secret email, he said he went on the p*rn site and it was suppose to be a free trial and he forgot and they billed his CC, and he promised he wasn't doing anything bad in this email. So my curiouslty got the best of me and I went onto the email to do the forgot your password thing and it it said send a link to a completly other email I have never heard of. Since he's been distant with me I don't know if he's meeting girls offline or something, sometimes I look at his phone and there's texxts from his friends and other times its completly empty. I am so scared now somethings going on
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also he gets very defensive and annoyed with me
My boyfriend has secret emails
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