Is my boyfriend [19m] in love with me or love-bombing me [19F]?

My boyfriend and I spoke online about 4 weeks ago. I was ‘talking’ to one of his friends for about 6 months but that didn’t work out but that’s how we met.

We met IRL about 2 weeks ago and have seen each other a lot. He’s told all his friends about me, posts me on his socials, tells his family about me. He wants me to meet his friends etc.

About a week into our relationship me shows me a google search of an engagement ring and says he wants to marry me when he gets the money for the ring. He said he told his friend who said we’re going and he told his mum to.

I’ve met his parents and he wants me to meet his other family too.

I dare hairy him but I’m confused- is this a red flag? Surely him telling everyone about me means he’s being genuine? Is he in love or is he love bombing? Why would he tell his friends and parents about wanting to marry me if he was trying to manipulate me?

He doesn’t act particularly jealous but then again I don’t have any friends for him to be jealous of. He goes on my phone and reads DMs but again he doesn’t do it in a ‘controlling’ way.

He asks me a lot about what I first thought of him when we met, how I felt when he kissed me, if I’d look at him in the streets if I didn’t know who he was etc. In the context of things, is this normal or a red flag too?

He’s bought me flowers and a teddy and shows everyone already- why would he tell everyone if it was a master plan to manipulate me? Surely he’d keep it all a secret?

Do you think I’m being love bombed or is he in love?
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TYPO: ‘I dare hairy him’ I meant to write ‘I care about him’
Is my boyfriend [19m] in love with me or love-bombing me [19F]?
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