How to act around a girl you liked but she rejected you?

It's a weird dynamic because we were very friendly and used to text a lot and hang out, but then when I started to ask her to go on more "date-like" activities, in the beginning she was okay, then later she started to give me the run around. When I look back on it, it's a little embarrassing because I didn't realize I should have gotten the hint, but that's okay since I never asked anyone out before.

That was during a semester in college and now I'm starting a new program at a different school and out of nowhere she's on the roster list. I haven't see her for maybe seven months.

The thing is she dropped me like a we were at one time at a level where if we went our separate ways she would have called up to see what's up and how things are going, but I didn't hear a peep from her at all and I tried to re-initiate, but she shut me down, generally by ignoring me (again, embarrassing, but I didn't know).

Now I think it'll feel weird when I see her. Should go over to myself and say hi to her or wait until she initiates? Because obviously she didn't care if she was bothered by me so I don't want to look like a fool, like a guy who's just hanging around, orbiting her. I would much rather talk to other girls and find someone who likes me.


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  • I've been in a similiar situation. I'm a girl and I acted the same way in frount of a male friend who asked me out. ok this is why she is doing it: she is scared of telling you no or rejecting you so she passively does it by not wanting to hang out or telling you "maybe later." I did the exact same thing when a male friend asked me out just because I felt bad saying no since he was my friend. I too, haven't spoken to the male friend I rejected and it is because I feel that if I DO he will think that I'm into him and that I wanna date him...she also probably feels that if she starts talking to you, you will assume that she is interested in you suddenly and willing to give you a chance. I think the best way to sort it all out is to actually tell her: hey look, I know I liked you before and asked you out but it's ok if you don't feel the same. I just wanna be friends and not wanna loose the friendship because I value the friendship...I'm nolonger persuing you or interested in that way...something like honest truth, if she thinks you might persue her or ask her out she will NOT talk to you for a WHILE...maybe in like a year or even never just because she is affraid and embarassed to say something...for example, I haven't spoken to the male friend I rejected in about 5 months and its because I feel bad approuching him...but I WOULD talk to him if he came up to me first and appologized or w/ yea say something like that
    ****please help answer my question

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      apologized? what for? falling in love for someone as ingrateful as you?