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What does it mean when a guy interlocks fingers and starts rubbing his thumb over your hand?

One day I was on my trampoline with the guy I like and I was standing there while he and my friend were lying down close to each other (they aren't... Show More

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  • Um he was bored, maybe fooling around...doesnt really mean anything.

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  • umm I'm gonna say he likes you? I remember when holding hands was the best thing on the planet :-)

    • Yeah, I'm not sure because he flirts with a lot of girls. he's told me that he like this one girl but then he flirts with me and holds hands with me, and hugs me. I don't know what to thinkk. :/

    • Ooh ill go with the answer above mine then... I was always only flirting with one girl at a time when I was younger

    • Alrightt thankss.(:

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