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Why does he delete his Internet history?

I've checked my boyfriends online history, and a couple times, found things I shouldn't have. Once he was looking up brothels and find cheating... Show More

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  • You shouldn't be checking his history. This makes you sound really insecure. You knew he stopped for a while, which meant you kept checking. You now know he's deleting it daily, which means you're STILL checking, and doing it every day, no less.Men have different fantasies, and unless you don't trust him (in which case it may not be the best idea to be in a relationship with him) you shouldn't worry about what he does when he's online. My advice? Stop checking his email. Spice things up - maybe try to fulfill his fantasy by playing the part of a cheating housewife. Or set up a massage table and give him a happy ending. Or whatever it is that he's into. Some couples have found success with the hotel room method; send him a letter (be sure he knows it's from you) saying that your husband is out of town, and include a key to the hotel room. You could even go a bit further and have a friend call you a few hours after he arrives, so you can pretend your husband is getting home early and rush home -- keeping the fantasy alive. Or just spend the night with him. Be creative, and don't rush to judge him if he hasn't done anything deserving of judgment! ;)

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  • is sex ok in your relationship? if not, he might be feeling a little frustrated. Try to get things a little hotter in the bedroom and he may be less inclined to look elsewhere. Dirty talking works wonders, tantric sex is great, but he has to be really mature for that. massage, etc. well hope it works out

    • As far as our sex life goes, I want it far more then he does (I'm 45 and he's 55). I've told him as much, anytime, any way, anywhere. As far as sex, if I could get it more, I'd be great. We have great sex together, from toys to spontanious sex, oral and otherwise, while watching TV or cooking.

  • look all guys will look, obviously. As for his cheating wives and brothels, there is a small chance that he is thinkn of using them.its most likely just the idea of it that gets him turned on

  • You delete your browsing history when you don't want someone to know where you've been. You called him out on it and now he's being more careful. I'm not a computer whiz, but I know that you can recover deleted browsing histories.Unless the internet fantasy world is affecting your real-life relationship, then I wouldn't make too big a deal of it.

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  • It's either that he's doing something he wants to hide, or that he doesn't like you snooping on him. I've no idea which is more likely. I don't have anything to hide, but I wouldn't want my boyfriend snooping on me all the time. If I knew that he was, I'd probably start deleting things too.

  • theres a way how to set the deleting history, I know how to do it, even if he deleted it, it stays there still because you set it in not deleting the history.. what are you using explorer or Firefox?

  • i think he might start going at it againive been like that porn is actually really hard for guysto quit trust me I have a lot of guy friendsi think you just need to tell himif you don't stop I don't think I could feel the same wayanymore tell him how you feel

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