Why do guys ignore their ex-girlfriends after a break up?

I just got dumped a week a ago and I haven't heard from my ex since. I was PMSing and being bratty, but I called him a bitch for basically no reason (on text) and he broke up with me.

We had a great relationship beforehand, no fighting, no arguing, we always got along. He'd always tell me he loved me, etc.

But I called him immediately after he broke up with me and he didn't answer. I texted back and apologized, but still no answer.

Why isn't he trying to talk to me? Is he just mad/cooling off? Or is it really over?



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  • Guys ignore their ex-girlfriends for several reasons after a break-up depending on the situation.

    1) They don't want girls to be led on (as it's hard to be "just friends" after a break up when one person has feelings for the other that aren't reciprocated).

    2) They feel horribly about hurting the girl if they did the dumping, and they can't reconcile the guilt they feel.

    3) They are seeing someone else and don't want the ex to know about it because it will just lead to a messy situation.

    4) They still have feelings for the girl, but aren't ready to deal with the feelings for whatever reason.


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  • The same reason girls ignore guys when they break up with us: why start again what may quite likely end badly once again.

  • We ignore them because we no longer want anything to do with them.

    • my ex broke up with me but does not ignore me. he still contacts?

    • Sorry, meant to write it as: if we are ignoring them, we do not want to have anything to do with them.

  • He's mad, for good reason.

    • Seriously!?

    • Yeh, let him cool off.

    • How long does that take... it's been a week..

  • If you are not together any more than that does not require him to answer you. You apologized and that's all you can do, the ball is in his court now and give it some time and if he doesn't come back around, move on.

  • The guy is just enjoying his freedom, leave him alone !

  • Cuz its over.


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  • Because they don't want to talk to you lol

  • maybe he just needs some time to think about everything, and if he really did love you than he will soon realize that he needs you in his life, and contact you.

    but if not, than he's definatley NOT worth it and you should stop contacting him and move on :)

  • yeah, let him cool off, give him space. I've been in your place before and now I know what I did wrong. I would give him attitude then in a minute I'd apologize. all wishy-washy and annoying, the guy just wants to get away from you and stay away. it's a turn off. you don't wanna be a turn-off if you want him back.

    Stop trying to contact him for now.

    breathe, honey. inhale, exhale. it may be difficult to even listen to advice unless you cool off yourself and most of all give YOURSELF space, too. it will take more than a week but eventually you'll be fine.

  • just let them cool down if he still loves you he will let you know