Ignoring a text message?

what does ignoring your texts cause you girls to think?


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  • That your too tired or busy to get into a text conversation that could potential last a while, that the last conversation left you confused or offended in some way so now your backing off for some "head space" or that you've suddenly lost interest and met another woman more appealling or that your playing mind games, I'll ignore you to make you want me more-which doesn't work, it just makes women angry and then they ignore you back. Then you have to some how redeam yourself to get her to want you again, that's a weird cycle that can go on for some time unless the guy ends it.


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  • Do you know what I am not one of those kinds of people who expect an answer straight away, I hear my sister say sometimes, oh I text my boyfriend like 5 secs ago and he hasn't replied! and I'm like seriously give the guy a chance..

    If I sent some guy a text and he didn't reply and a week went by, then I would think something was wrong and wouldn't bother trying again, he'd have to contact me. BUT if a text came through the next day well it wouldn't bother me.

    And what's more there is an easier way round this subject. If you know someone enough to know their routine, if you text them and they do not reply, ring them, and if they then don't pick up...wait a while to see if they make any contact...if they don't then they are clearly wasting your time, so why waste theirs.

  • Depends on the relationship. If it's a dude friend, I get concerned that something's wrong and maybe call and ask them if they're OK. If it's some random dude, I think he's probably just not concerned with me for some reason, but if it's a boyfriend, I will admit, I start running through torturous scenarios in my head till I get that text back.

  • honestly, when a guy ignores my text... I sorta start to think oo well he might be doing something else.. but if its a while that he doesn't reply I start to think he doesn't want to talk to m or he has someone else or just something like that... I honestly HATE when guys ignore my text . but only if its a guy I have feelings for. just don't ignore the text and say you have to do something you will hit her back up ina bit. don't just not ever reply

  • well first gonna think that the guy is busy, but if he does it again it just means he's not interested and I would move on, I don't have time to waste on getting somebody's attention because it just shows he's not worth my time, & even if he is busy he can just politely reply by saying hey I'm busy will text you later, (it takes less than 20 secs to text this sentence) or for some reason its not possible to text the same day it would be courteous to text the next day. Hey my question is somewhat related to your question it would be great if you answer it, its my latest question so check it out.

  • that you don't care, or aren't interested, or busy

    • so what if she has been acting uninterested/bitchy and I would ignore you then...what would you think

    • i would think you two are in a fight.

  • that you don't care or don't like us. BUT, for a lot of us girls it just makes us want the guy that much more.

    • was looking for a girl to say they wanted them more (I don't understand why girls do that) but she has been acting so uninterested lately, exactly the time when I started to become interested (coincidence?)

    • First off, girls do that because they love the chase. maybe she was interested before, but women love what they can't have, and I don't speak for all women, but we love the excitment the thrill of trying to chase it, but maybe once you started acting interested that made her not interested? or, maybe she wasn't interested the whole time. Could be anything. its always hard to figure out if there's chemistry or not through via text.

  • It makes me paranoid, insecure, kinda depressed . . . but mostly it just PISSES ME OFF. Why can't some people take 10 seconds to respond to a text message? Even a one-word answer (or a negative one) is better than nothing, at least in my opinion. My advice? Just text her back. If you're talking about a hypothetical situation, then hypothetically text her back.

  • that you are not interested. and if you come back to me 3 days later you are just a douchbag and can f*** off. it is absolutely impossible that you can't make 1 minute a day to send a stupid message. and if you like the girl, you would even make some more minutes, wouldn't you?

  • can I turn this question of yours around and ask you why you guys ignore a girls texts?

  • what do you do it for fun..just to mess with the girls mind.Don't just ignore the text say you have something else to do.

  • that you hate me. honestly, that's my first conclusion

  • Playing hard to get, uninterested or busy. Any of these.

    • so what if she has been acting uninterested/bitchy and I would ignore you then...what would you think

    • That you backfired or punishing me by giving me a silent treatment.

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  • A million idiotic scenarios start to run through their minds.

  • dude you'll get killed for that one day XD, trust me...that to them means, you really don't want to talk to them, leading them to that you don't care...to then that since you don't care your cheating...and then all hell breaks lose...

    • im not dating her bro. she's been acting bitchy. can't let a girl walk over you so I gotta do what I gotta do

    • well, then she really should be demanding it...what is she a friend or something?, cause really bro...it all depends