Best things to do after coming on too strong with a girl?

OK so what is the best way to get a girl back to chasing you. I made the mistake of coming on too strong with her and letting her know I really liked her. So the intense flirting at the beginning is now gone and we don't hang out or text like we did before.

So how do I bring the "chasing" and flirting back after coming on too strong? I've heard ignoring her works but I want really specific things to do?


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  • well the only reason you would "come on too strong" is if you like her more than she likes you and you finally revealed it. So the problem from the start was that your into this chick way too much, probably before she's even shown you any traits that deserve that.

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      You are right that I like her more than she likes me. But I only told her I liked her as more than a friend after a couple months of flirting. So I know now I should of just kept on doing instead of saying because I took the chase out of it. So I just wanna know how to get back to that, anything besides waiting?

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      halfway through your time away would be a little too long. just text more infrequently and it should help

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      i recommend against playing any type of headgames like that. Instead, kick your own ass for liking her so much. Seriously, there are many other girls out there and your idealizing one. That's why she feels uncomfortable or pulling away etc.