If a girl stops talking to you does that usually mean that she's mad?

i just want to know

she said I was very special and yell at at her for because she was overly friendly


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  • Yes. A guy I've known for more than two years and whom I work with said that we weren't friends. I didn't talk to him for a week. I wanted him to come to me first and ask me what was wrong. Finally he contacted me and asked me what I was up to and then one thing led to another and we talked about it and worked it all out. If you care about her, approach her gently and see if you can get her to tell you what's the matter. By the way, if you are wondering why girls get quiet when we are mad, it's because we don't trust ourselves. We will either get really angry or very emotional, both are forms of ourselves we don't want people to see.


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  • if that's what you did and she stopped talking to u, my answer is YES!

  • yes that means she needs some space from you so leave her alone for a while and then start talking to her to see how things are

  • She's shy or is flirting...duh..haha

  • lmao no x 100 because I stopped talking to a boy 4 one whole month and he asked me out onf acebook but the reason was because I forgot iw as talking to him and I got so many messages and forgot about him so she just proabbyl needs space or is just confused or just wants time =) don't worry if a girl was mad at a boy we would deffintly tell him lolz =)

  • out of the blue , just stops? yes. the only times I've done this is when I was p*ssed with a guy and stopped myself from talking to him because if I did I would probably curse him out

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  • It means she has no dignity, no soul, and no interest in attaining either. Slay her dead! (with your penis)

  • it could mean a number of things.

    She is mad.

    She is busy.

    She is uninterested.

    She is becoming intimated/shy towards you.

    She doesn't like you.

  • it is said that when a female voice gets higher she thinks a guy is attractive the same can be said when a guy like a girl his voice gets light I done it just recently. it is attract to the opposite sex. I don't get it either but it has to be in a combo with direct eye contact to be sure

  • this happened to me once...never worked out so I don't know either...

  • Not necessarily. It could be she is just not interested in you. Don't take it personal.

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