Do any guys out there like girls taller than them?

I'm just curious, cause I'm 6'4'', and it seems to be that most men prefer girls shorter than them?

ty :)


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  • Yes, most guys do prefer shorter girls. I still can't understand why a guy who is 6'2" tall is going with a girl who is only FIVE FEET tall. He can't kiss her while standing up! He has to almost squat down and pick her up at the same time or get on his knees to kiss her. However, there are more short guys (It seems 5'9" (or 5'8" depending on the source) is considered as the 'average' height of guys. So, being 5'5" tall I'm considered as being short.) who like tall girls than you think. I love girls who are at least 5'8" tall. Looking up into a girl's eyes who is 5'10" tall, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her is the most awesome and exciting thing imaginable to me. Yes, I love tall girls. The problem being is that most tall girls will not consider dating a guy who is shorter than her. :-(

    • Ive dated several guys shorter than me lol :)

    • Very highly commendable of you

    • Ty :D

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  • I'm 6ft tall and I actually kind of like tall girls. It's not like I have a major crush or preference for them but I take notice.

  • You're actually the same height as me.. But if you wore heels then that would make you taller.

    It doesn't make me insecure or anything, I mean if we really had some chemistry then it wouldn't matter at all. But personally, I really like girls to be 5'8" or shorter, love 5'3".

    I guess it's because I like girls because they're small and cute, but again that would be different if we had something.

    • Why do the really tall guys like short girls...i swear its like 5'3 is the cut off (and she has to be petite!) ...ive noticed! lol I'm 5'4

    • Haha, it's not really a cut off, if it's the tallest girl in the world and I care about her it doesn't really matter... Okay, well if she's like 8 feet tall that would be sort of hard to do anything with.. Hugging would be very difficult.

      5'4" is awesome too, really!

  • I prefer someone equal in height with me or a bit 6'1

  • is it your problem?

    actually taller height fantasize a guy... I like a girl who is taller slimer and smarter

  • its worth the climb... I'm 6'0... I dated a girl who is 6'5 once

    • Lol nice :P

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    • Ok, but why do men fantasize about it, what's so attractive about being tall?

    • Kinda like its on the forbidden side.. tall girls aren't THAT common, so guys like that...

  • Damn you're 8 inches taller than me. I prefer a girl to be shorter but being my height is ok.

  • ya height is not a problem ... but you must be having gorgeous long legs ;)


    I'm 6'0" and my ideal height for a girl is between 6'2" and 6'4", so your height is perfect IMO. I love it when the girl is taller than me and we look like Mario and Princess Peach or Boris and Natasha.

  • I guess it's a bit too late to answer this, but I have to because personally I love girls taller than me. I think that many guys do but don't tell. I am 5' 9'' and I would have loved dating someone your height. I never had the chance to date a girl taller than me, but it would be awesome to kiss a girl your height! :). So, summing up, yes, there are many out there that like taller girls. And those who don't it's usually that they get intimidated by the social convention!

  • You can find a guy around your height, I prefer taller girls because short ones can see up your nose and all the bats in the cave, etc

  • ...I am totally down with a girl who is taller than me, it just isn't always the case that the girl is down with a guy who is shorter than her.

    If you're taller, my kids would be taller, which would be awesome. I'll make my own basketball team...


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  • It's all in your confidence. If you own your tallness, men will think it's good. I always wished I was tall & have beautiful long legs, but instead of 5 foot exactly, go figure. Own It!