Do any guys out there like girls taller than them?

I'm just curious, cause I'm 6'4'', and it seems to be that most men prefer girls shorter than them?

ty :)


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  • Yes, most guys do prefer shorter girls. I still can't understand why a guy who is 6'2" tall is going with a girl who is only FIVE FEET tall. He can't kiss her while standing up! He has to almost squat down and pick her up at the same time or get on his knees to kiss her. However, there are more short guys (It seems 5'9" (or 5'8" depending on the source) is considered as the 'average' height of guys. So, being 5'5" tall I'm considered as being short.) who like tall girls than you think. I love girls who are at least 5'8" tall. Looking up into a girl's eyes who is 5'10" tall, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her is the most awesome and exciting thing imaginable to me. Yes, I love tall girls. The problem being is that most tall girls will not consider dating a guy who is shorter than her. :-(

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      Ive dated several guys shorter than me lol :)

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      Very highly commendable of you

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      Ty :D