Why don't girls like short guys?

I don't know how tall I am but I'm no where near 5'9. I'm probably somewhere around 5'3-5'6.

I don't understand the big deal though. I can't get taller and what if I want a tall girl? Or a girl that's average height? Why should I have to settle for a girl that's shorter than me?

I don't want to see any comments about "protection" and "security" because there are some tall guys that are cream puffs and some short guys that are cream puffs. There are tall guys who can defend themselves and their girl and short guys who can defend themselves and their girl. Height has absolutely zero to do with that.

I mean do girls think short guys can't protect them? Not only would I protect them but any girl if I saw her being abused by another guy, even if I didn't know them. Height has nothing to do with weakness. There are some weak tall guys out there. JS.

Even though I said all that I know I'll probably get stupid comments about nature and genetics. BS.
I realize I may have picked a crazy answer for most helpful. I should have waited for better answers. Honestly everyone's answers should be considered most helpful.
This was my first time asking a question. Sorry.


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  • cos they are shallow. and the taller their BF , the more they feel other men will respect them. they dont care for finding a nice guy they click with , just a tall asshat.

    • I don't think that's really very fair. Men have their preferences just like women do. Yes I prefer a tall, strong, well built bear type guy but so long as they are taller than I am and not obese I'm willing to compromise on my 'ideal' list, we all have to sometimes and we can be better off for it meeting great people.

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    • I'm a genius. :)

    • Truth be told lel

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  • i don't require my lover to take the role of bodyguard and never understood the ”protecter” thing. i have dated boys my height and i'm open to dating shorter. height doesn't matter to me. at. all.
    shorter boys turn my head just as often as those of average and taller heights.

    • ^^^^ A real girl ^^^^

  • I'm gonna make answer brief. I don't why women make such a big deal out of this, but I can see why there's so many single people in the world. Because, if height is your biggest consideration factor for dating someone. Then you need to reshift your focus.

    Also, this question as been asked on here a million times before and I don't even have to look at the women's answers, because I know what stupid ass reasons there gonna give. And, it's actually quite funny. I just have to say, there is never gonna come a day were I pair my shoes with my man. If I want to wear heels, then I'll wear heals, whether I look taller then him or not! That seriously has to be the stupidest reason, to not date someone.

    Also, I know guys who are really short and guys who are super tall. And, guys who all the heights in the middle. And, I could really care a less about there height. I like people for who they are, not how tall they are. And, I'd date someone I had a great connection or chemistry. Not because are heights are compatible. I just don't work like that.

    • The point of the heels from what other women have said is that they want to feel taller and have authority. Yet then they don't want a guy who is shorter than them. *shrugs* I mean I could get specific too, can't we all? Can't we all say so and so has to be this and that?

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    • Yeah and a tall guy has to bend down to kiss their short asses. I doubt they think about that though. Truth is unless they are the same height or close to it then there is going to be a minor or major struggle for someone in the relationship.

      Your not being mean. It is a stupid concept but society encourages such concept.

    • I suppose it does. It's actually kinda sad. I guess nobody wants to be with someone for the right reasons, they seem to want to be with them for all the wrong ones.

  • After seriously thinking about it. its just one of those "society things" because all i could come up with is it looks wierd, i wouldn't wanna have to bend to kiss my boyfriend and the feel protected thing. there is no practical reason really. its one of those "thats how its suppose to be" things. Stupid but if you're raised like that, you can't help it you just go with it.

    • Your the first girl to say anything about being raised that way. That is a factor as to why I think it's wrong. What I believe in and find attractive is not based on how I was raised yet how some girls base their attraction is how they are raised. Just like at one time whites didn't think blacks were attractive and vice versa because they were raised that way. Now of course some still don't think the other is attractive but some do because the way they were raised is different. But again there are other factors that play into why girls really want guys that are taller. Good comment though.

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    • It's stupid that you've been rejected because you don't have blonde hair and blue eyes. I wouldn't have rejected you on those alone. Your pretty.

      Yeah I do have a very specific preference but less than 2% of girls in the entire world fit it. I am very deviant and I think my attraction changes. I have a general attraction for some types but sometimes I don't want to be attracted to certain types and instead switch...idk I'm difficult. LOL!! My sexuality is always heterosexual though.

    • Maybe my levels for certain attractions change. I think that's what I'm trying to say.

  • I didn't know that. I know plenty of short men who are married. Some to tall women others married shorter. Maybe it's an age thing. Your young your dating pool is probably young also. Wisdom comes with age (so I've heard) maybe date women a little bit older. Sorry for sloppy advice I wasn't aware that this was happening to guys

    • I got it...I'll get me a MILF. LOL!! I don't even believe in dating at this point. Maybe that's a youth problem too.

    • Not wanting to date isn't a problem. At least you can go a do whatever you like. You won't come home to an interrogation. You seem to have a great sense of humor. Good luck with everything.

  • Girls like to feel protected and feminine, it's not as easy to do that looking down at a guy. Most girls prefer tall guys, at least taller than them. Women like strong, tall men that they can feel safe and sexy around :-)

    • Just because a guy is tall doesn't mean he's strong or can protect you. :(

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    • Well I don't like that mindset, but at least I'm taller than 5'2. *Shrugs*

    • See? You won't have any problems then :-) we're not all part of the '6' and over club' lol.

  • Because short guys have this 'short man syndrome' where they need to make up for their height with making their personality more eccentric. And I don't like crazy personalities.
    Also, I enjoy wearing heels and I still want to be shorter than my guy while wearing them.

    • I don't know if I'm crazy but I'm a nice person. Your right though. Some short guys be turnt up. I call that being a banty. Look that up. Banty rooster.

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    • Probably because as a short guy we have people telling us are whole life we can't fight because were to small or short, that we can't make this amount of money because were to short, people making a mockery of us often making us smaller than we are that we can't play sports and some cases dating I don't mean to sound bitter but if you kept an open mind then you can at least try to understand why us short guys feel the need to prove to people that were just as manly as any 6ft2 guy who plays quarterback try having people put you down your whole life for being shorter but I can't expect you understand that's what you call short man syndrome but it is just another word for adversity or the underdog

    • Johny Foooootbaaaaalllll!!! Russel Wilson and the Sea hawks would say differently about the sports stuff.

      And hey I don't have short man syndrome. I thought that had to do with cock size?

  • I can't tell you why girls taller then you don't want you...

    But, I can tell you why I don't want guys shorter then me...

    I'm not into little kids or midgets.

    • This was my first time asking a question on here and I stated it wrong. I'm short and can empathize with other short guys but my height has never been a problem with girls. How tall are you?

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    • I never said all "little" people are dwarfs. I didn't even use that term.

    • I also never said that if they are shorter than you that means they are a "midget"(dwarf). What I meant to say is that doctors define it as being 4'8 or shorter, having strangly dispropotioned body parts, but I should have also said that there are probably many other factors. It again is a medical condition and is unnatural. People who are shorter than you are not necessarily "dwarfs". If you mean people who are shorter than you who don't have a medical condition for being shorter than you are "little people" I can agree with that.

  • Hum, you're like 2 inches taller then me but not every girl dislikes shorter guys. Most of us want a taller, stronger guy to makes us feel protected. Sometimes there are girls who want to be the taller one and feel like the one who comforts the guy. Preference dude, it isn't always up to us, find yourself a girl who doesn't care.

    • I'm still trying to figure out what that "protected" crap means. Protection depends of one thing heart. Like I said in my question there are tall guys who are pussies and short guys who are pussies. Who's a wimp and who isn't is not determined by height. Sorry to bust you ladies bubbles but there have been many times where a short guy has beaten the crap out of a tall guy.

      Preferred (verb used with object): to set or hold before or above other persons or things in estimation; like better.

      Discrimination (noun): Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice.

      If you'd date a guy of any height but "prefer" tall guys then that's one thing. If you'd only date a tall guy then that's another thing.

      Your right I'm sticking with the real girls.

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    • I'm sorry. I'll try to keep my cool. Like I told the other person sometimes I see things and it's overwhelming to those who don't care or don't want to believe. I'm sure I'm taller than you but by only a few inches. I think I'm like 5'4 or something.

    • Nah it's cool, I get you. Yeah that's alright height, nothing to worry about, girls are as shallow as guys. Like I said before just try to find a girl who doesn't care about your height but your heart. :)

  • That's not true. I like tall guys, because I like hugging them around the waist, they attract me more and this has nothing to do with protection, I can protect myself. But my previous love was my height and it didn't bother me, because I loved him. You should give girls more credit and stop feeling sorry for yourself and blame just height. Girls feel that and it's not attractive.:) Good luck.

    • subconsciously it is for protection and you think you can protect yourself but not better than a man can.

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    • In other words try to win with a bad hand.

    • I want to learn martial arts one day.

  • I am around 5'3 and have dated plenty of short guys. I think it all boils down to how you present yourself. I dated this guy a couple of years ago who was 5'7 and he would constantly make comments of how short he was and how he got picked on in high school for it. If you're short, you need to own up to it. Work with what God gave you. It's not about height it's confidence in yourself is all that matters.

    • 5'7 as being short? Well I guess.

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    • Smh.

    • I'm 5'8 and I don't consider myself short! 5'7 is not short

  • as a girl on the taller side i also ask why tall guys always want short girls? it's not my fault i'm tall, why do guys prefer girls who are short? it's just nature i guess and partially society. unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it.

    • It just shows there are only a few real people in the world. Those few have to stick together because we are outnumbered.

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    • @letmein101 I intimidate most girls who are attracted to me. I wonder if they think I don't look "dominate"? Yeah that's ridiculous too. My feet are relatively normal sized, but I'm well above average in "equipment". Oh it's okay bro. Your English isn't too bad at all 😊

    • @letmein101 Well strength and height are two different things, but that would be weird lol.

  • I have no problem with short men and for sure they aren't weak but I want to be with someone taller than me. It's not because of the respect that I might gain, I could gain respect from my other aspects though. I've known some friends who have shorter bf's and they seem contented.

    • Again like I told someone else this is a choice based on mostly environment & conditioning. Society says "women you should want a guy that's taller than you. Guys you should want a girl that's shorter than you." I say fuck norms.

  • For me, in my opinion there's no problem with short guys if they're cute I mean :) and In this new society people are very stupid ik.and height is idk...most of the girls think tall guys are sexy, they are..but I like short guys :)

    • So short guys are sexy too?

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    • Height has nothing to do with protection!! A tall guy and short guy will protect their girl same :)

    • Right right.

      "taller than 5'10'' all the way
      I have to wear heels and I don't wanna look down when I kiss him. I'm 5'7"

      The self centered, shallow, comments continue to flow.

  • Tall guys are attractive in my opinion. For some reason, I can't see a tall guy like I see a short guy.
    I'm not very tall, but dating a guy who's shorter than me would be awkward.
    And like Lilac79 said, it's a matter of preference.

    • No preference is liking a girl who's skinny or who likes some of the same things I like. I can't change my height. It's like skin color. When you figure out a way for me to change my height then I'll shut up.

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    • Does it seems that I'm discriminating short guys? I don't so.
      Like many girls, I just have a preference for tall guys. I like them. And there's nothing wrong with my preference.

    • *think so

  • Why don't girls like short guys?
    Likely the same reason it seems guys generally don't like fat gals, older gals, or when he's 30s+ gals his own age. That reason being physical attraction and emotional correlations to the trait.

    I can't get taller and what if I want a tall girl? Or a girl that's average height?
    Then it seems your options are limited. No different than other people who have trait (s) unappealing to the general population.

    Why should I have to settle for a girl that's shorter than me?
    I don't do should/shouldn't unless it pertains to harming children/animals. You don't have to settle as you can opt out if shorter gals are what you're solely/mainly getting.

    However this question ironic as you're seemingly portraying having a shorter gals as 'settling' yet you question why gals don't like short guys...o.O

    • I like big girls. I like MILFs LOL!!! I'm not 30 but I doubt I'd want a young girl at that stage in my life.

      I asked the"settling" for short girls question because while some girls who are taller than me find me attractive even if It's by a inch or two. I'm saying society as a whole don't think short guys are attractive. I'm saying I want all my options and I want my options to want me. Why can't I have a pale girl? Or a Dark skinned girl? Or a tan girl? Or a Muslim girl? Or a Christian girl? Or like I stated here a tall girl? Or a short girl? I want all my options. Not to say there aren't some girls who are taller than me who don't find me attractive. I'm just saying most girls initially have that mindset that short guys are not attractive.

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