Is there a difference when a guy puts his arm around your shoulder than when he puts it around your waist?

is there a difference when a guy puts his arm around your shoulders than when he puts it around your waist, or do they both kind of have the same meaning / purpose


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  • They're not that different. Although I suspect an arm around the waist is slightly more likely to indicate interest (it's a more possessive way of 'grabbing' someone), I'm sure there are plenty of instances of waist-arming that are completely platonic (and plenty of shoulder-armings that are not).

    Both acts can mean a variety of things and their meanings are nowhere near as obvious and set-in-stone as punching someone in the face, french kissing, or many other forms of touch.


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  • Around the waist is flirtatious, around the shoulders is friendly, not necessarily flirtatious.

  • Yeah what Thiezz said. Around the waist has more meaning to it, you would grab a girl's waist when you want to show that this is my girl or close friend, arms around the shoulder is nothing.

    Either way, body language isn't anything special or significant (some may argue) in a relationship.

  • atleast generally the waist is more flirtatious, if I did it woud mean something


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  • I would think putting his arm around your shoulder is more friendly, but around the waist is more sensual. If a guy is putting his arms around your waist he likes you.

  • I am 11 yeas old and today I was at my first school dance and my boyfriend Kadan put his arm around my shoulder for a picture an I dident know what to do bit stand there and smile what should I do if he does that again?

  • I have guy friends that would put their arm around my shoulder sometimes just to be friendly. I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean anything.

    But that doesn't mean it doesn't. It really depends on HOW he put his arm around your shoulder. :)

    • no he puts his arm around my waist mostly

      what does that mean

    • Waist is definitely a lot more intimate than shoulder.

      I think he likes you for sure.

    • wow

      hey do you you think you could answer my question titled "Does he like me? please read this you guys because I really like him and I really need to know. thank you."

      if you can't that's o.k. =)