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Does talk to you later really mean he wants to talk to you later?

When I guy says "I'll ttyl" does that really mean he wants to talk to you again? Or is it just a polite way of exit even if he doesn't want to talk... Show More

Thanks guys! Definitly not Stressing over it, just trying to plan my next move hahhah thnx

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  • Yes, quite over analyzing.If the guy didn't want to talk to you again, I don't think he would say "ttyl". He would say "bye" or "I have to go" or "gtg" or just stop talking altogether.TTYL is neutral. It doens't mean he absolutely must talk to you again later, but it means it certainly doesn't mean he's against it.

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What Guys Said 3

  • He just wants to go for now and he may hit you up at another time.

  • if I dint want to talk to her again she gets 'good bye' or 'gtg' not 'ttyl' your definitlly over anylzing this situation

What Girls Said 4

  • Depends on the guy.

  • he wants to talk to to you later. don't worry abt it. you shouldn't be stressing over something this small.

  • It can mean two things:1.) He's bored with the conversation and doesn't want to talk to you OR2.) He has to do something really important and he will contact you later in the day. dont over analyze anything, you'll put too much pressure on yourself. Go about your day and you'll receive a text/call from him eventually.

  • It may mean:1) He is lookng forward to talk to you later2) He is just acting polite3) Means nothing but a well-known statement to close a conversationYou should feel what it means.

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