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Why do girls tilt their head sometimes when they look at a guy?

what's the difference between a girl just staring at you (who likes you) and a girl that tilts her head while looking at you.

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  • If she tilts her head, she's thinking of you in a sexual way. Taking extra notice of the whole you ( from head to crotch to toes. ;)

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  • I think I tilt my head only if I'm pondering something?

  • I tilt my head and raise my eyebrow when someone just said something really stupid or I know they are lying to me.

  • There is no difference.

  • Sometimes I'll do it if I'm thinking hard. Or admiring something/someone.

  • sometime it is just habits. Unless there are other signs with the head tilting (smile, laugh, and staring), it is just habit.

  • I tilt my head when I'm really listening to what someone is saying. It doesn't really mean anything as far as liking someone, it's just something I tend to do during a conversation.

  • i only tilt my head if the person I'm talking to is confusing me LOL. so...yea.

  • You're reading too much into it.

    • no I'm not I just asked one question if I was reading too much into it I would assume more than one option

  • I do that to show a guy that I am interested and he can approach me if he wants to.But not all girls are the same.

  • Sometimes I tilt my head when I'm listening to and thinking about what a person is saying. If I'm just looking at someone, I probably just tilted my head because I felt like it. It means nothing.

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