How long should I wait then before I do tell her?

Okay, so I'm dating this girl for the last two months, and I know that I'm not in love with her at the moment. The problem is that I down the line that I will fall in love with her.

We had an interesting talk the other night about love. I told her how I feel about it, (that it shouldn't be rushed and if you're going to be with someone for *forever* then what's the point of rushing in rambo style? ) and she told me that she doesn't believe in love. This was mainly to do the with the fact that she's been in a few relationships before, and she's told guys that she's loved them, but in the end when they break up, where did that so called love go? Like all the hype and excitement was so thrilling that you get caught up in the moment but when it boils down afterwards. It was pointless and the words were hollow. So she doesn't believe that true love exists.

I'm the opposite. I've been with my fair share of girls, and I've loved two of them. Ultimately yes, I know that the feelings died in the end, but that doesn't mean that they weren't there in the beginning. I think that if you love someone, you should tell them and I really want to tell her when I do fall for her, but my main point is that if she doesn't believe in love. I don't want to get rejected like " I love you" "oh really? That's great". Talk about your ultimate let down.

So am I supposed to take her words to heart? Or should I just take it on a whim and tell her when I feel it and hope for the best.

And I know I'm not supposed to ask this kinda stuff. But how long should I wait then before I do tell her?

Thanks in advance!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am a woman. I have been in love. I have been burned good a few times. I was dating this guy for a few months and he told me he loved me out of the blue one night. The expression on his face was dead serious. I at the time was still hurt from a previous relationship. I knew I really liked the new guy but "love" on my part had not come to mind. I was astonished that he felt that way and ignorant I laughed at him. I said no you don't. He kept telling me he did. I told him I don't believe that because he had not been together long enough. Needless to say he never told me again because he was too scared I know to hear what I had to say. A few months later I realized I loved him. But was too scared to say it because I was so "burned" and "hated" love. I denied my feelings and lost him and to this day I still say I loved him, but never had a chance to say it. My advice, wait awhile before you do say it but don't wait too long that you may never get the chance.. for in the long run you can always look back and smile knowing you TRIED and said what your heart felt. I feel so bad for dissing him when he told me. I could have handled that in a better way. but it is in the past. If you do say it, MEAN IT and let her know you MEAN IT by your actions :)