Should I keep waiting? Should I wait to see if he'll change his mind or move on?

So me & this guy started talking 2 weeks before Christmas. We had so much in common, so it didn't take us long to connect. We decide to make us an official couple on Christmas Day.
Anyway... our relationship was going well, way better than I could ever imagine. Then, one day, he had completely stopped talking to me. Everything was cool that morning, but in the evening, he wouldn't respond to my messages or calls at all. I tried so hard to get in touch with him to see what was going on. Two days later, when he finally did reply, he said his parents didn't want him talking to someone who used to date his best friend (that was 3 years ago, though). Before we even started the relationship, I told him about that & he just wanted me to focus on us. Worst thing about it, I really wanted to meet his parents :( So we had to break up & just be friends. It's his life, so shouldn't he be able to choose whether he wanted to be with me or not? We were so happy together. I'm good with us being friends & he even spend the night at my house sometimes... but I can't get over the fact that I still love him. I tell him, he says he loves me too, but he doesn't seem sincere like he used to be. We don't even text/call that much like we used to. We broke up in just two months, that's too short of a relationship (Especially when I wanted us to last much longer) Should I wait to see if he'll change his mind or move on?


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  • Just move on. It sucks that he did that, but it's his loss, and at least he didn't waste more of your time. I think you're right; if he really wanted to be with you, he would have found a way to smooth things over with his parents. Next!


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  • The fact that his parents decide that is really weird. I don't think it's the real reason to be honest. I think he just doesn't feel the same way you do, or at least not anymore. Else he wouldn't just do as his parents say. The fact that you have been with his friend might also be a big factor for him (don't think his parents would mind). The fact that he does sometimes stay the night means he does like you for sex, maybe has some feelings, and when it comes to sex, the fact that his best friend has done that as well, might push him away from bonding too much. I know that guys have difficulty knowing someone else has seen your sex faces, your body, heard you moan and even felt your inside. That's cause guys want their girls to be only theirs, but of course pretty much every girl has had another guy inside her at age 19. It's a problem every couple kind of deals with. When it was a guy he knows well, that makes it worse. I don't know him, so it's up to you to decide whether it's ok to let him stay the night to boink, cause for you it might seem like you are a little bit together still, for him it might just be easy pussy. Not saying it is that way, just something you should keep in mind I think.

    • That's true, it's not that the guy gets jealous. It's the picture of her and him together in the past, it can be hard for some to shake

    • You gave very good reasoning to this situation. Til this day, I still don't know if he still feel the same about me & that's a hard pill to swallow. I actually put my heart into this relationship (like I do in all of them)... just to end up heartbroken because we couldn't be together anymore. I told him from the start I been with the other guy & he still wanted us together, not to bring up the past anymore. If it affected him, he should've told me

    • You can't blame him for trying to be in a relationship, that eventually didn't work out. It's ok for a relationship to end. If it was good at the time it existed, than everything is was worth it. Good things end. He probably had the image of you and his friend from the beginning, he couldn't know how well he would learn to accept that. I have one more question. Can you more or less describe what the nights he spends with you now are like? I have some experience with this stuff, so I might tell what his intentions are/were a lot better.

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  • Nobody can tell you whether to move on or not. that's something you have to ask yourself but, I did hear a quote once, it goes "if somethings worth doing, it's worth doing right away". Maybe you can try applying that to your situation somehow


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