Why does this guy keep looking at me?

disclaimer: I'm in college, not high school. So in my math class, while we were taking a test I notice that this guy, who is seated on the row next to me, 2 seats up...kept glancing over his shoulder to look at me WHILE the whole class was taking a test. Like, the NERVE he gets to even look at me when we are all test talking...its so weird. He should concentrate on getting his test done instead. and no, he wasn't done with his test. And he would constantly do it almost every few seconds. He's really cute though, but he's not my type so I couldn't see myself having a crush on him in the first place. at one point I looked back and he looked away. I didn't usually look back but I still could feel he was looking at me. After we were all done with the test, while the teacher was lecturing he was now seated one seat back so now he's closer to me (I don't think its because of me,its because he wanted to be closer to his friend and the seating arrangement for the test changed). moments later, I hear his iphone camera picture taking click sound...and I look and see that he has the front facing camera on. So I guess that he was trying to sneak a picture of me. but then I thought maybe he was taking a selfie? but no, because guys don't take selfies in class unless they're gay(no offense)...girls do. Then a few moments later I glance at his phone and see he is on Snapchat. then I thought 'aha! maybe he was taking a pic of me'...to send it to his friend(s) on snapchat. Because it would be really weird if he takes a regular pic and saves it in his iphone album. unless...do guys take snapchat selfies? if you're a guy and use snapchat, please confirm. And before the whole classroom incidents occured, earlier during the day I go wait in line to buy this book at the bookstore..and he was waiting in line in front of me...after he noticed me walking up in back of him, he got nervous and walked forward in the line..and as I got a little closer to him he inched forward a little more. LOL. I tried not to look at him so I don't make him more nervous. I think this just has to do with that thing where you see someone from class/school in public and you want to avoid them even though you don't personally know them..that kind of thing. happens to me all the time. but anyways, any thoughts? he either a) finds me attractive b) finds me interesting c)finds me intimidating d) finds me weird d) all of the above e) he does it for no reason. I can't see him having a crush on me/liking me because I don't even think I'm his type either. but you never know. oh and he doesn't smile when looks at me and it only the first week of class..so this is new. Don't know whether I should be flattered or creeped out. But I probably am flattered since he's really cute.
Why does this guy keep looking at me?
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