She hasn't texted me in 3 days, and doesn't usually text first. Should I keep waiting to see if she'll text me, or just text her?

So, I've liked this girl for a few months and I'm still not sure if she likes me. There have been many hints that she does, and I will dare to say there is a 60% chance she did at some point, or now. We usually text a good amount with her starting maybe 1 out of 10 conversations. Recently, she hasn't started almost any conversations (recently, as in past 2-3 weeks), and I've been left wondering what to do. Whenever I do text her, she responds enthusiastically and we keep a good conversation going... but once we say bye and it's done, she never texts me for 2-3 days before I start a new one. After this cycle happened a few times, I decided to just wait it out this time. Of course, it's been 3 days and she hasn't texted me. Is she afraid I'm not interested and haven't asked her out? Should I keep waiting to see if she'll text first? I really want to, but I'm afraid she might also be waiting to me to text her. Thanks!!! I can't stop thinking about this.


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  • Given your ratio of starting texts, I think it's time to stop texting her completely. You're the only one putting in real effort. You're the only one that misses her but she doesn't seem to miss you. I don't think she's into that much. Sorry dude.

  • You are thinking about this waaay too much. If you like her and have something to say, text her.


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