Will a guy talk to other girls comfortably but not talk to the one he likes?

he seems capable to talk to other guys and girls on the spot and he looks really relaxed, leans back and just has a good time smiling and stuff. Yet... Show More

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  • Makes complete sense. He likes you. Guys, at least to my knowledge, get nervous around the girl they like. Ok he can talk to other guys fine but he is looking at you, that means he is thinking of you all the time. He talks well with you if he has a specific reason to because he practiced that all night and he doesn't want to mess up and look like an idiot in front of you. He is all tense and anxious when you go and talk to him, that is because he was thinking about you and you showed up and he is wondering if you somehow figured out what he was thinking about. He can talk easily online to you, that is because online you can type something, look at it, then delete the stupid joke he made, then retype it and send it to you. He can talk to other girls because he doesn't like them, he likes you! Being a year older doesn't matter, all that matters is how he feels for you. He looks at you then when you look back he looks away because he is shy and embarrassed that you caught him looking at you. Go up to him calmly and talk to him, maybe bring up hanging out outside of school if you like him back. See what develops.

    • Thanks!

      one other thing...he was away yesterday, but he didn't ask me what he missed...when he came into class he talked to the girl beside him about what we did, yet then I looked at him at one point and he turned quickly so I think he was looking at me. at the end of class he looked again, but then I held the door for him and he moved quicker to get the door but he didn't say thanks and then another guy came and talked to me and he just walked behind...why wouldn;t he say thanks/talk?!

    • Most likely he is just really shy, he wasn't prepared to ask you, and when you were nice to him by holding the door he was thinking "aww <3" but he was too shy to thank you! Just try what I said and maybe it will develop.