Does he like you if he stares at you?

There is a guy at school that stares at me a lot. I just don't know if he likes me or what. He is sort of popular and we have never talked, that I can recall.


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  • Seriously, what is there to lose, although you shouldn't start flirting a lot if you don't like him in that way.

    So figure out yourself if you like him or not and go from there.

    But if he's looking at you constantly, he either likes you or thinks you like him.

    It really depends on how frequent he does it.

    If he does it "all" the time he likes you.

    If not so much then there's a chance he doesn't.


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  • Staring is usually a sign that he likes you... unless he is the creepy type, you know, one that is plotting on how to kill you..*erhem* that aside. Or he might just like the way you look, you know, your like a "nice painting" to him or something.

    But like I said before, its usually a sign that he has an interest in you. You might also try looking for a smile somewhere in those stares of his.. that's would quite certainly mean he is interested in you.

  • Oooh I like that advice. I love it when girls initiate the smile. Or on the other hand, it gives me a signal to move in when a girl smiles back. Yeah definitely smile at him and see what he does. Have fun with it, what can ya lose?

  • Staring is a good sign he likes you.

  • If he stares at you a lot then he is probably kinda into you. If you catch him staring, look back and smile. If he smiles back, talk and flirt with him a little. You'll eventually find out if he likes you.


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  • Well see if any of your friends are close to him and then ask them to find out if he likes you and if he does then make your move. Just be careful and don't try to make a move too fast though.

  • I am really not sure because popular guys stares at girls a lot, especially when ur pretty like I suppose you are. talk to him then it will automatically come to you:)

  • He probly thinks your interesting..

    and is dying to get to know you!

  • oh school relationships are always the the best relationships at teenage years. and yes when a boy stares at you all the time is a good sign I remember when it happened to me we used to stare at each other in every lesson non stop and we used to try and get really close, by flirting noticing little little things each other does, annoying each other and being really playful and I think I have to put staring at each other as number one because it makes you and him really happy.

  • He may like you, just pay attention to what his friends say, and how frequently he stares at you. Maybe get an insider (A friend of his you can talk to?) to help you out, and do some more research into whether or not he likes you. Smile back :D

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