Do guys really like party girls?

I've tried the whole party scene and I'm just not into it, but it seems like guys more attracted to these "wild" girls. So what's the best way for a non-party girl to get a guys attention? Thanks for reading!



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  • oh god! WE like the wild girls cause they are easy to screw! Believe me, you don't want to hit the party scene looking for party guys, specially if you're not the party type of girl. That is the wrong venue to be looking for a guy. And yes, guy will go for these girls cause they know they can get sex easy! You don't go to parties to find ur serious gf! You go looking for a quick hook up!

    So to answer your question----plenty of non party guys around. Are you in college, are you working? Before you go out looking for a guy, I think you first need to define what type of guy you're looking for. Once you have that in mind, then is easier to go out and hunt for guys.


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  • well, the types of girls guys meet at parties may seem fun and wild and that is attractive but its a temporary kind . . not someone they look to for a long term relationship

  • I, too, tried the party scene and found that it wasn't my cup of tea. The best way to get a guy's attention is to be yourself.Sounds lame, but it's true! Nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.


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  • you can do everything you want, if you find the way to understand guys.

    why don't you try with this link and tell me how it works ;)

    you welcome

  • if you are not a party girl then certainly the guys who like party girls aren't ur type, don't worry you will find the one who would like you just the way you are

  • just be yourself around them you don't have to party to get guys to like you. Seriously find a different crowd of guys if ur not into that thing!

  • Usually the case with guys that are looking for party girls is that they aren't looking for a serious relationship.

    If your truly interested in finding a guy, look for one with higher standards and whos willing to put more effort into finding a girl.

    These guys who hook up at parties don't give a shit who the girl is because hello- They met at a party and she's probably a slut. I wouldn't wanna be that girl.

    I suggest maybe going to a local concert for an acoustic artist (I don't know if you have those were you live, but around here there's a lot of places like that)

    Around here all of the good guys hang out at local cafes which means they have money to spend, and don't mind sitting around reading a book and drinking coffee which might be more relationship type.