Do guys really like party girls?

I've tried the whole party scene and I'm just not into it, but it seems like guys more attracted to these "wild" girls. So what's the best way for a non-party girl to get a guys attention? Thanks for reading!



Most Helpful Guy

  • oh god! WE like the wild girls cause they are easy to screw! Believe me, you don't want to hit the party scene looking for party guys, specially if you're not the party type of girl. That is the wrong venue to be looking for a guy. And yes, guy will go for these girls cause they know they can get sex easy! You don't go to parties to find ur serious gf! You go looking for a quick hook up!

    So to answer your question----plenty of non party guys around. Are you in college, are you working? Before you go out looking for a guy, I think you first need to define what type of guy you're looking for. Once you have that in mind, then is easier to go out and hunt for guys.