Why would a 300lb guy at a party hit on a 105lb girl?

I was at a party and I don't know if I was the only single girl there. But the fattest guy at the party just kind of set his sights on me.

I'm like tiny so we were both two extremes. Wherever I went in the house, he would literally follow me (I know he was trying not to come off like he was following me) but I pay close attention to my surroundings I could tell he was set on pursuing me.

There were times where my mom called me and I stepped outside into the backyard to talk and I could see him watching me from the inside of the house. It seemed like he kept his eye on me the entire time. It was really creepy.

He was polite and I think he meant well. I am a introvert so there were a few times where I wasn't talking constantly to someone and he could easily come in and start talking to me.

I give him props for having the confidence but I'm the tiniest girl there and he's like the biggest... I just think wouldn't a guy that size want a girl around his weight?
Why would a 300lb guy at a party hit on a 105lb girl?
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