Nail polish on a guy?

My girlfriend asked me to put nail polish on my toes.

Gay or ok?


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  • Well, it may have been considered gay in the past (like guys wearing earrings once was), but not anymore!

    Check out "Suzi's Blog" on the OPI nail polish web site. In the "for men" section, Suzi (who is OPI's guru of fashion) not only encourages men to take better care of their feet and get a pedicure, but she even suggests colors of nail polish that look good on men!

    It may not be for every guy - yet. But if you are confident enough to pull it off, then more power to ya!

    I have personal experience with this. On a whim, my wife suggested I try it after I complimented her on the color she was wearing (deep maroon) on her toenails. Well, I'm pretty open-minded, so I did try it.and surprisingly, we both liked it! Enough that I wear my toes polished most of the time now.

    You might be pre-conditioned to think this is weird, but think about how many really cool styles began with someone trying something new, then it later becoming mainstream. I look at it this way; my feet never really used to look that great because I didn't pay much attention to them. Now, I don't have ingrown toenails, they're not crusty and calloused, and when they are polished, they look pretty dang sexy (my wife's actualy words)!

    In life, you're either a leader or a follower. Decide where you want to be in the food chain.

    • 1mo

      If you're a guy with a girlfriend... then all the clues are there: it's not gay!

      It's not even 'effeminate' - again, you're a guy, so by definition anything you do is masculine. Sometimes people just have too narrow a view of what 'gay' or a 'man' ought to mean. (Also, by the way: gay IS ok!)

      Nothing can make you less manly, man, so feel free.

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  • Oh

    She may just be wanting to test out a color, or maybe she's just goofing around. Either way, humor her, and then borrow some fingernail polish remover from either your mom or a girl friend to get it off when your girlfriend leaves.

    Now, if it were black, white, or lime-green polish on your FINGERnails, that might be different. Goths and emos tend to do that, as do some punks.

  • more gay than ever:).its never ok 4 a guy 2 polish nails

  • Ahahaha we did this one time, just for fun. We got a little drunk and I begged my husband to let me paint his toes. Unfotunately two days later we had to go to the ER.hehe he got a lot of crap for that, especially being a Soldier

  • gay! do what you want

  • Gay, doesn't make you seem that manly:-)

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  • It's ok. Why not? You girlfriend wants you to do it. I assume you're secure in your sexuality, plus, who's going to know? Do it, satisfy her burning desire to see you in nail polish and then she'll be happy. Who says you have to abide by socially established gender rules?

  • If you are 25-29, that's gay.

    If you are 18 and younger, it's okay because it's still part of your youth experimenting days.

    Tell your girl to fart in public.

  • Why does it matter what anyone thinks? Your masculinity and sexual orientation is YOURS to define, not society's - and if you choose to define them in terms of what really matters to each, instead of accepting some stupid societal rule that has nothing to do with either, that's your choice. My point is, if you are comfortable with who you are, the polish won't change that.

    If you ARE gay, then this - and everything else you do - IS gay, because a gay man is doing it.

    If you are NOT gay, then polished toes won't make you gay, and it won't BE gay on you, because you are not gay.

    Will some people THINK it's gay? Sure. SO WHAT? Why do you care if some intolerant, prejudiced, homophobic, timid follower of "the HERD's" rules, makes the wrong guess about your sexuality? Those are people too afraid to ever stand out or rise above the crowd... so insecure about themselves that they must pass judgment on anyone confident enough to defy the herd mentality, because their self esteem comes from being able to tell themselves "I'm the best damn sheep in the flock!" Do you REALLY care what those people think? How much of your life do you want to sacrifice to their expectations. They aren't happy - you can't make them happy by conforming - so forget the bleating from the herd.

    Women - like your girlfriend - find confidence to be very sexy... and confident defiance of societal oppression is very masculine!

    It's YOUR life... live it YOUR WAY!

  • Why would she ask you to do that is what I'd like to know. Is she just seeing how far she's got you wrapped around her little finger?

  • gay, but you can hide it, just avoid sandals, and stock up on workboots! LOL

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