My boyfriend teases me a lot?

He tells me he will see me later and smile about it when I know he is going out with friends. He will also tell me he called me and I didn't pick up even though he didn't really call me. Why does he teases me like that.


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  • Saying "i'll see you later" doesn't always (if hardly) mean you will literally see the person within the next few hours. It just confirms that, yes, you will see them again. Now, if he actually says "i'll see you at 7:30 pm here" and doesn't show up, then he's being an asshole and you should confront him about it.

    How do know he didn't actually call you? If you have not actually look at his call records via his phone then don't make that claim. If you have, and he really didn't dial your number, remember, boys are stupid. We often forget to call and then to save ourselves we lie. Tell him to just tell the truth; you'd prefer that over a lie.


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  • "see you later" means see you later on, not necessarily that night. it's a figure of speech. I used to say, "aight, I'll see ya." I know guys who said they called when they really didnt, and sometimes they did but for some reason, the call did not come through. get both of your phones together and test out if you receive each others phone calls. he might have callled you and you had no reception/service, so don't worry. tell him to leave a voicemail next time =)

  • The first part doesn't really sound like teasing. I'd be cool if he'd give you a time though. Also how's your reception? My phone sometimes won't go off because I don't have a good signal but then a voicemail will show up. This has happed between me and my boyfriend a lot.