My boyfriend's brother?

My boyfriend's brother and I are the same age. My boyfriend's a year older and a level higher , but his brother is in a lower year level, so I'm like in the middle.

Recently, I've noticed that his brother stares at me a lot? Like , he'll look at me from across the room. I usually just go "yeah , 'cause I'm his older brother girlfriend" but now its just getting confusing.

When I go over to boyfriends house and a lot of our other friends are there ,and the brother's there as well , he stares way more. He comes and sits next to me , and even plays with my hair. But only when he's brother's not there.

I treat him like my own little brother so I tease him,

play video games against him and I've helped him with homework a couple of times but I get this weird feeling that he likes me?

When I'm helping him with homework, he sometimes plays with my hair , or if its on the computer , he leans over me with his arms on either side , which doesn't sound like much , except my boyfriend comes from a tall family and this guy is like 6 inches taller than me , my boyfriend even taller.

if its video games , every now and then he leaves his controls and attacks mine.

Iwas making popcorn since everyone was up the front watching a movie , and the brother came in and said he was bored so he was gonna help me. We just were talking normally when suddenly he started leaning towards my face , I backed up and hit a wall , and he just kept advancing. I was getting ready to scream , when my boyfriends voice called from the other side of the door. His brother jumped back , and spun around. when my boyfriend entered , he looked curious and asked what his brother was doing there. His brother just grabbed a handful of popcorn and said he was hungry. My boyfriend walked up and gave me a hug, his back to his brother.

Just before he got out the door , he turned back and looked at me , and walked backwards and licked his lip.

I was really scared and I try to avoid being near him as much as possible.

Do I tell my boyfriend?

What's wrong with this guy? Trying to steal his brother's girlfriend?

What do I do?

I've told him that I love his brother and he just said 'uh-huh" like he doesn't care.

What am I to him? His future-booty call?
My boyfriend's brother?
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